Precautions for kids during summer

Precautions for kids during summer

Precautions for kids during summer

During summers, you have long days and short nights. Whether the schools are open or closed for vacations, kids have a power-packed day, full of energy, getting exposure to number of dangers like summer borne diseases, mosquito bites and injuries. And, it is the complete responsibility of the parents to give their kids a healthy summer diet and follow several summer precautions.

 Kid car tips during summers

Keep a guard: You have installed a kids-friendly pool in your backyard. But, if your home includes a swimming pool, then you should have pool fencing of 4ft. min. Along with make sure there is a door with locking system. Often kids love to spend time in pool during summers. But, it is not always safe. Hence, you should keep a guard and set alarms for safeguarding the pool.

Avoid injuries

A lot of kids prefer outdoor activities during summers. They want to ride their bike or play outdoor games. Thus, if your kid loves bicycle riding with friends, then make sure you get a helmet for safety. Whether biking or skateboarding, putting on a helmet is a must for their safety.

Do not let your child skip breakfast

Breakfast is a significant food of your day. Hence you should feed your child with healthy eatables. It helps in the development of their bones, brain and muscles. Fresh fruit, oatmeal, cereals can be the things to be included in breakfast.

Make your child wear a hat

Do not allow the sun rays to directly fall on the head of your child. It may cause severe problems like stroke or heart attack. The harsh rays of the sun can make your kid suffer from severe headache. Hence, it is important to put a hat on your child’s head to ensure good protection.

Keep them hydrated

In order to remain hydrated during scorching summers, it is important to give your kid water, juice, soda and other things to drink. Kids usually forget drinking water. But parents should be careful about their drinking habits and make them drink at 2l of water daily.

Play in the shade

If your kid still wants to play outside, irrespective of scorching sun rays, and then make sure they find a place in the shade to play. It will keep them away from heat of sun.

Stay away from bugs and mosquitoes

Make use of bug spray for your kids to keep mosquitoes at bay. You can use natural bug sprays available in the market, if you are scared about the chemicals. If you have air coolers in your home, then make sure you change the water frequently to avoid mosquito breeding.

Choose right clothes for proper skin care of your child

Do not over dress your child. Make sure your little one wear loose, cotton clothes. If you are going out, then choose light colored clothes. If your child is above 5 years of age, then you can use a gentle sunscreen lotion too. Do not allow the heat to damage your kid’s skin. For adult kids, you can use SPF 15 and make sure you apply it 30 minutes before going out.

Put on the right gear: Wear sunglasses which come with 100% UV protection. Do not allow your kid to expose their eyes to the sun directly.

Summers are really scorching, cumbersome and tiring. A little mistake from your side could literally expose your child to big dangers. The damaging effect of the sun in summers is greater to kids who spend a lot of their time outdoors. Avoid sun burn, heat stroke and problems of dehydration by keeping your kid completely secure and hydrated.

If your child is very small, say less than 6 months, then do not take them out in the sun at any cost. Use a low speed fan and slow speed air cooler or aid conditioner to maintain the temperature of the room moderate. Avoid drinking too much cold water. Always give slight cold or normal water to your baby. You can also give them electrocuted water or glucose water to keep them hydrated for a long time.


With these tips, you can easily keep your child secure and safe from the harsh heat of the sun. Try them and keep your young ones protected.