National Parent’s Day 2019

Parent’s Day is a special day celebrated worldwide to thanks parents for their unconditional love and support. Every year Parent's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July.

National Parent’s Day 2019
National Parent’s Day 2019

Parents are the most important thing for a child in this world. Being a parent means nurturing and caring for your child and build a core value system so that he or she can contribute to the betterment of this world. To celebrate the hardships and challenges of this parenthood, every year on the fourth Sunday of July it is organized. And this year - 2019 it falls on 28 July, which is celebrated as World Parent's Day or International Parent's Day.

Parents’ Day gained official recognition in 1994 by an act of law during the tenure of President Bill Clinton. The fourth Sunday of every July is celebrated as Parents' Day in the U.S. and most countries. The Resolution aims to establish the imperative role of parents in bringing up children. Korea celebrates Parents’ Day on May 8 and Vietnam celebrates it on July 7 every year.

At every level of state functioning, state, as well as local government entities, are entrusted with the responsibility to promote the day with targeted initiatives and programs that support the nurturing role of parents in bringing up their children.

Parents’ Day Celebrations
Parents’ Day is the aptest time for sending cards and gifts to acknowledge the parental figure for their positive and tempering effect on children’s lives. To make this day memorable, children often make personalized gifts such as family photos, collages, stickers and sketches, and even handmade scarves, boxes, pots and whatever affectionate ways of saying ‘thank you’ that they can conceive of. To show how much they appreciate the love parents have showered on them, some very indulgent ways of celebrating Parents Day can be:

  • Participating in adventure sports
  • Organizing a family picnic
  • Making dinner or eating out
  • Going for a movie
  • Gifting a redeemable gift voucher
  • Cleaning a room or doing a chore

Importance of Parent's in our life

  • Parent's play a tremendous role in the development of the child. However, their roles can't be defined and they play so many. Parents provide everything that a child needs at the time of development.
  • Parents help us to make educated. Parents admit us in schools, colleges for better education. For the future of their children, parents do all sacrifices and reduce their own living cost.
  • They provide unconditional love to their children's.
  • They provide financial and moral support.
  • Support of the family is an integral part of everyone's life. Family means parents, grandparents. Parents are at home.
  • Parents teach children the value of discipline and relationships.
  • Parent's are the best friends.
  • Parents are always ready to catch you when you fall.

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Importance of Parents’ Day Festival
Parent’s Day is dedicated to parents all over the world and is an occasion to show appreciation for their commitment to strengthen the family bond and to create an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding. It is parents who mold their personality according to their inherent strengths and talents and bequeath to them moral values and the spirit of living life wholly.