Is It Safe To Bend Over While Pregnant?

Are you confused whether is it safe to bend over while pregnant or not? Read the article to clear your all doubts.

Is It Safe To Bend Over While Pregnant?
Is It Safe To Bend Over During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a crucial time in which every woman need to take extra prudence to safeguard her health and the growth of the little one in her womb. However, while you are pregnant, you will get various kinds of advice from friends and family, which may leave you a bit confused and nervous about what to follow and what to ignore. If you are pregnant and while performing chores you need to bend down and you are confused that is it safe to bend while pregnancy then checks out this post to know that bending is safe or not while you are pregnant!

Is It Safe To Bend during Pregnancy?

The good news is for all the pregnant women is that bending is considered safe as long as the baby is safely ensconced in the womb. The amniotic fluid cushions the baby and lets him move his body and limbs when the pregnant woman bends. Though it is unlikely to hurt the baby, bending might make the pregnant woman extremely uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. It might also put a strain on their back.

Reasons To Avoid Bending in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Period

As your pregnancy progresses to the final stage (third trimester), your baby will grow inside the womb and so will your belly. There can be some possible risks of bending forwards at this stage that is as follows:

1. Increases The Risk Of Falling:

The major risk due to bending is that it raises the risk of tripping or falling. Falling and injuring your abdomen can be dangerous for a pregnant lady. It can cause some major issues like placental abruption or separation from the uterine wall that sometimes lead to vaginal bleeding or even miscarriage. During the third trimester, bending and falling increases ten folds the risk to the fetus as the uterine wall thins out and the baby’s head drops into the pelvis.

2. Causes Dizziness:

While pregnant when the woman bends it sends a rush of blood to the head, leaving her dizzy. Dizziness can lead to a loss of balance or consciousness and injury, which may adversely affect the baby inside the womb.

3. Leads To Heartburn:

Bending increases the stress on the stomach and can aggravate heartburn, a common problem in late pregnancy. It can cause acid reflux or the reverse flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. It can lead to belching, a burning sensation in the food pipe and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

4. Causes Strain:

With the growing baby bump, your center of gravity will shift during pregnancy. Bending forward and then leaning back will strain your spine and damage your weakened ligaments further during pregnancy.

Remember to approach your everyday chores in a cautious way. Be careful while you go about your daily chores. Don’t hesitate to seek help if and when needed.