Colostrums – Super milk for babies!

Colostrums – Super milk for babies!

Colostrums – Super milk for babies!

Colostrum is also known as colloquially beestings or first milk. It is the first milk produced by mammary glands of humans and animals immediately after birth of a newborn baby. Most species generate colostrum just before giving birth. It contains antibodies which protect newborn from disease. Protein concentration is much higher in comparison to normal milk while, concentration of fat is also higher, in milk of some species.

What colostrum exactly does? 

Colostrum is baby’s first superfood. It contains right elements and nutrients that a baby needs in right amount. Although, it is high in protein but low in sugar and also carry some immune factors like secretory immunoglobulin A. It is in fact designed in such a way that it protect baby from viruses and bacteria and intestine as well that can lead to Infection. Not only this, colostrum even contains antioxidants and fat soluble vitamins which help in colonizing intestine with lactobacillus, a type of protective bacteria. It has natural laxative effects which promotes pooping as by the doctor and team of specialists. Regular breastfeeding in early days of baby’s life help in reducing all risks of serious jaundice and other health related issues.

Different types of colostrums – There are two main types of colostrum which are as follows –

  • Human colostrums – This Colostrum is produced by mothers at time of birth of their new born. It is even available for purchase sometimes, but this type of colostrum is not used mostly as supplement for colostrum.
  • Bovine colostrums – This stuff comes from mammal mostly from cows and is one of the best colostrum which can be used as supplements. It contains many nutrients and also has high protein content and fat as well.

Some important benefits of colostrums –

  • Health benefits – Proponents for use of colostrum supplement argue that it offers numerous health benefits. Some of them include prevention from flu, protection of gastrointestinal and improved physical performance. According to the latest research, it can also protect gastrointestinal from damage and help in healing many chronic issues like colitis. One study even found that, colostrum can help in preventing damage.
  • Regulates body functioning – For nine months baby remain in a protective cocoon in womb of her mother, which is shielded from outer world. Once baby take birth sometime is taken in order to make their body regulate fully itself. In this, colostrum helps infant in regulating their body temperature, glucose metabolism, vascular system, lung function and also help in maintaining fluid homeostasis. Due to this, early breastfeeding becomes much important for babies especially C section babies. When first feeding is done with skin to skin contact, mother’s chest regulates baby’s heartbeat much better than incubation machine.
  • Infectious diarrhea – By giving bovine colostrums you can protect your baby from infectious diarrhea and even adults can have it to prevent themselves. It helps in treating such infectious diarrhea which has already developed in adults and children. But, keep in mind that it will not reduce infectious diarrhea in such children who are taking antibiotics. To know the results, hyper immune bovine colostrum is used in order to get effective answer.

Thus, it is important for every parent to know about the importance of Colostrums milk for their young ones!