Celebrities Who Were Teachers Before They Got Famous

Before celebrities became famous, they had regular jobs just like us – and that includes teaching!

Celebrities Who Were Teachers Before They Got Famous
Celebrities Who Were Teachers Before

This is not that all the celebs are born with a silver spoon and they are as famous as they are in the present time. Here is the list of some celebrities even including politicians, one time who was a teacher by profession to earn their bread and butter.

 Famous People Who Used to Be Teachers once

1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The former president of the United State, but before he becomes the most powerful men on the planet. He was a professor at the University of Chicago Law School in Chicago.

2. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Known for playing the famous X-Men character, Wolverine, on the big screen, Jackman once worked as a gym teacher at England's Uppingham School in Rutland.

 3. Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher

The versatile actor Anupam Kher runs the acting institute, Actor Prepares.

4. Akshay Kumar  

Akshay Kumar

Before becoming an actor in Bollywood, he was a martial arts teacher in Mumbai.

5. Tom Alter

Tom Alter

The actor Tom Alter was the cricket coach at St. Thomas school located in Jagadhri.

6. Nandita Das

Nandita Das

This Actress and director Nandita Das was a teacher at the Rishi Valley School.

7. Chandrachur Singh


This actor taught music at Doon School, Dehradun, Uttrakhand.

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8. Kader Khan

Kader Khan

Comedian Kadar Khan was a professor of Civil Engineering at M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering in Mumbai.

9. Utpal Dutt

Utpal Dutt

Before becoming actor Utpal Dutt taught English at Kolkata's South Point School.

10. Balraj Sahni

Balraj Sahni

The late actor Balraj Sahni was an English and Hindi teacher at Tagore Visva-Bharti University.