11 July, 2019 - World Population Day

The aim of celebrating world population day theme is to spread awareness about the negative issues of the global overpopulation and its importance on all of us.

11 July, 2019 - World Population Day
World Population Day Theme

Contemporary, the uncontrollable growth in the world population is one of the biggest problems and changes in the world and the population bomb (overpopulation) is the one of the global issues faced by all of us. World population day is one of the most important awareness day celebrated annually on every 11th  of July. The aim of celebrating world population day is to spread awareness about the negative issues of the global overpopulation and its importance on all of us.

Every year UN Council decides the Theme for World Population Day to spread the awareness about population growth. This year there is not a specific theme but they will emphasis globally on the unmet goals of 1994 International Conference on Population and Development which happens 25 years back in Cairo where 179 governments have adopted that “reproductive health and gender equality are essential for achieving sustainable development “.

This awareness day was established by the governing council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989. The inspiration for this special awareness day came on the when the world’s population reaches by 5 billion and hence became the serious concern about exploding population.  Therefore, the world population day has to be initiated to overcome the issues of our growing population and to raise this awareness in public.

World Population Day is celebrated to aware people where one can try to understand the population issues. So what are Population issues? Basically, a Population issue includes family planning, gender equality, child marriage, human rights, right to health, baby’s health, etc.

You can check put the current population of our planet Earth through World Population Meter

Here are some interesting facts about population explosion:

  • Roughly 83 million people are being added to the world’s population every year, global population is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100
  • Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, India is 1.327 billion which approximately 17.5 % of the world population. According to this situation, it is important to understand the need for population control.
  • Approx. 800 women die every day due to pregnancy-related complications and from these 20 percent of the women are from India.
  • India is expected to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of the population working by 2020, despite resolving the issues of employment problems.
  • It is calculated that 30% of the population is because of unwanted and accidental pregnancies.

The United Nations has list down, ' Nine standards to uphold the human rights to family planing' which include:

1. Non-discrimination: Family planning information and services cannot be restricted on the basis of race, sex, language, religion, political affiliation, national origin, age, economic status, place of residence, disability status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

2. Available: Countries must ensure that family planning commodities and services are accessible to everyone.

3. Accessible: Countries must ensure that family planning commodities and services are accessible to everyone.


4. Acceptable: Contraceptive services and information must be provided in a dignified manner, respecting both modern medical ethics and the cultures of those being accommodated.

5. Good quality: Family planning information must be clearly communicated and scientifically accurate.

6. Informed decision-making: Every person must be empowered to make reproductive choices with full autonomy, free of pressure, coercion or misrepresentation.

7. Privacy and confidentiality: All individuals must enjoy the right to privacy when seeking family planning information and services.


8. Participation: Countries have an obligation to ensure the active and informed participation of individuals in decisions that affect them, including health issues.

9. Accountability: Health systems, education systems, leaders and policymakers must be accountable to the people they serve in all efforts to realize the human right to family planning.


World Population Day Themes

  • The theme of 2018 was “Family Planning is a Human Right”.
  • The theme of 2017 was “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations”.
  • The theme of 2016 was “Investing in teenage girls”.
  • The theme of 2015 was “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”.
  • The theme of 2014 was “A time to reflect on population trends and related issues” and “Investing in Young People”.
  • The theme of 2013 was “Focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy”.
  • The theme of 2012 was “Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services”.
  • The theme of 2011 was “7 Billion Actions”.
  • The theme of 2010 was “Be Counted: Say What You Need”.
  • The theme of 2009 was “Fight Poverty: Educate Girls”.
  • The theme of 2008 was “Plan Your Family, Plan Your Future”.
  • The theme of 2007 was “Men at Work”.
  • The theme of 2006 was “Being Young is Tough”.
  • The theme of 2005 was “Equality Empowers”.
  • The theme of 2004 was “ICPD at 10”.
  • The theme of 2003 was “1,000,000,000 adolescents”.
  • The theme of 2002 was “Poverty, Population and Development”.
  • The theme of 2001 was “Population, Environment and Development”.
  • The theme of 2000 was “Saving Women’s Lives”.
  • The theme of 1999 was “Start the Count-up to the Day of Six Billion”.
  • The theme of 1998 was “Approaching the Six Billion”.
  • The theme of 1997 was “Adolescent Reproductive Health Care”.
  • The theme of 1996 was “Reproductive Health and AIDS”.

World Population Day Slogans

  • Celebrate World Population Day to enjoy lesser crowd in future.
  • Celebrate World Population Day to control population growth.
  • Save the earth from over-exploitation caused by over population.
  • Join the campaign to have enough space to live on the earth.
  • Adopt a child instead of giving birth to your own child.
  • Save the earth from population explosion.
  • Control overpopulation to remain away from starvation.
  • Control the population to maintain the happy life.
  • Take part in campaign celebration to be aware of overcrowd.
  • World Population Day aware us to raise voice against overpopulation.
  • It is difficult to reduce the population however not impossible.
  • Take the pledge to control population.
  • Reduce population otherwise you will suffer starvation.
  • Small family is sweet family but big family is a crowd.
  • Keep a small family to have big happy life.
  • Overpopulation is more dangerous than atom bomb that will surely burst in future.
  • Overpopulation gives rise to poverty, illiteracy, and lots of social issues.
  • Two people make a company but three people a crowd.
  • Keep child only one or two that is good for future.
  • Use family planning tips and measures to have a small family.
  • Join the campaign to change population trends.
  • Focus on population to fight poverty and illiteracy.
  • Start family planning for happy future.
  • Reduce the population and empower women.
  • Join the campaign to think about poverty, population and development.
  • Control the population and save women’s life.
  • Reduce the crowd over earth for better future.
  • Increasing population is toxic to the earth’s environment.
  • Big family brings big problems too.
  • Over population is the overload on the planet, let’s pledge to reduce the load.
  • Birth control is the only solution to population control.
  • Plan your family and protect the planet.
  • Overpopulation is reason to less space and less food.
  • Control the population to enjoy the nature forever.
  • Control the population to really control the environmental issues.
  • Lower down the burden of earth by controlling the population.
  • Earth cannot carry the heavy load for long, so think about population control.
  • Our earth is in danger of over population, control the population and save the earth.
  • Earth is the only known planet to live, let it be spacious.
  • Earth is our home; keep it clean, happy and less crowded.
  • Birth control is the blessing to get control over increasing population.
  • There are many responsibilities we need to do other than increasing population.