What are signs and symptoms of teething and how to alleviate teething troubles?

What are signs and symptoms of teething and how to alleviate teething troubles?

The arrival of the first tooth of your baby is the biggest event of your baby’s life. But it can be uncomfortable too. Most of the babies face problems such as pain, swollen gums, etc. The problem differs from a child to child. But as a point, you need to take care of your baby’s oral health. Now, “how to take care of the oral health of your baby?” That is the main question which arises in most of the parent’s mind. So, in this article, we are going to cover up the signs and symptoms of teething as well as the ways of alleviating these problems.

Signs and Symptoms of teething:

There are various problems which occur before and after the arrival of the milk teeth. It can also last for several months in few cases. However, if your kid is lucky then the problem may not occur. The signs and symptoms which take place are not easily noticeable. So, it is a challenging task for you. Here, we have listed down some of the symptoms to make it easier for you to identify:

  • Bulging as well as swollen gums.
  • Irritation in the tooth and gums.
  • Drooling.
  • Sometimes teeth come out just below the gums.
  • Irritation while sleeping.
  • Your baby may try to chew, bite as well as suck the hard things such as wood. This is easily noticeable in most of the cases.
  • Reject food.
  • Try to rub their faces.

These are some of the problems which most of the babies face which you as a parent should notice. And if you notice such symptoms, then it is obvious that there is a chance that your child is going to welcome his or her first teeth.

Alleviating teething troubles:

After noticing the above-mentioned problems, its time to take precautions. This is because you as a parent do not want your baby to suffer from pain. So, we have listed below some of the easiest precautions by following which your baby can get rid of these oral problems:

Teethers: If your baby is suffering from such oral problems, you can give him or her the teething rings. The teething rings will help your child’s gum in getting a good massage and also it will provide a great relief from the pain. But make sure that the ring should not be too much frozen otherwise it can cause discomfort.

Chewing soft cloth: You can also provide your baby with a wet and clean piece of cloth to chew. This wet cloth can easily reduce the pain. However, if your kid does not like the cold cloth, then you can also give him or her a normal cloth.

Pain Reliever: You can also give ibuprofen to the baby for reducing the pain. But this option is a little bit tricky. You need to consult a specialist and if he prescribes this medicine, then you can go for it.

Massage: Massaging is also a good option. All you need to do is give your baby a good massage with a clean finger. This massage will help a lot in soothing the pain.

So, these are some of the techniques by following which you can just get rid of the teething troubles. We have tried to cover almost everything. We hope this article has helped you to some extent in getting some idea about the teething troubles.