Your Baby Not Eating Anything, Here’s What You Can Do!

Your Baby Not Eating Anything, Here’s What You Can Do!

Your Baby Not Eating Anything, Here’s What You Can Do!

A baby not wanting to eat is one of the most common problems that parents face when it comes to taking care of their little ones. As a mother, you are bound to get frustrated at this time because you cannot understand why your toddler does not want to eat. Thus, when it comes to eating habits, toddlers are generally difficult to predict and if they show aversion to every food that you offer them then it is certainly disturbing time.

During this period, you should not get out of patience; rather you need to handle things calmly. Given below are certain tips that you can follow to turn your little one completely normal and make him eat healthy meals.

 Here’s what you should do –

When your toddler refuses to eat food given by you, what you can do is offer them a variety of healthy food choices and let them decide as to what they want to eat. Let them exercise a little independence while choosing their food, this way they would start feeding themselves and develop a healthy eating habit.

In case your baby is refusing to eat any new food served to them, you can simply begin by giving them a small sample of new food to allow them learn the taste. Giving them new food in little quantity initially would help your little one develop a taste of the food gradually and if they like the taste, they would show interest in the food themselves and you can then introduce the food in large amount.

While majority of babies throw tantrums when it comes to eating their daily, you can in order to create their interest turn the whole exercise into a fun filled activity.  You can simply encourage your baby to eat their food by clapping and by helping them to eat their meal in a funny and creative manner. Moreover to avoid distractions and let your little one focus solely on food, you can take him to a quiet place or move away from any distraction which will help him eat well.

Kids’ particularly little ones are slow to accept new foods and taste, so do not take something off the menu if they does not like it. So when you are figuring out how to feed your baby who dislikes the taste of any and everything, use the sense of the baby.

What you can do is put a spoon in front of your little one and let them smell the food before they are going to eat it. This way if they like the smell, they are surely going to taste the food and hence it would get easier for you to introduce new food to your little one.

Establish a routine and make mealtime a family activity, get each family member sit in the same place for every meal.  Children are more comfortable with predictability and routine and like to follow the eating habits of their siblings or parents.

Thus, this way they develop good eating habits and you can over a period of time get rid of the habit of their picky eating nature.