Pregnancy Week –28

So, you are not entering the third trimester of your pregnancy. Though your pregnancy will continue for 12 more weeks, you should start with the arrival preparations.

Pregnancy Week –28
Pregnancy Week –28

So, you are not entering the third trimester of your pregnancy. Though your pregnancy will continue for 12 more weeks, you should start with the arrival preparations. The moms-to-be start getting a little impatient by this time and experience lack of sleep. But, relax yourself!

How big is your 28 week baby? 

Your baby is now 14.8 inches from head to heel and weighs around 1kg. He is the same as the size of an eggplant. Her heartrate is slower now and she has beautiful eyelashes. The little tickling sensation, hiccupping and small jerks will make you comfortable at this stage. It helps you to bond with your developing child. Up till now, the brain was relatively smooth, but with this week, it will develop grooves. And most importantly, the fat storage under the skin is advancing making the baby appear a little rounder.

Pregnancy belly week 28 

You may now need bigger size clothes to fit into. Try dressing as light as possible. Your belly will not experience more pain than before as the ribs, stomach and back is bearing constant pressure. What you can do is, do not overburden your stomach with large meals. The fundal height of this week is around 26 to 30 cm. This will help you know that you are in the normal range of pregnancy and that your baby’s development is on the right track.

Doctors suggest to do kick counts in this week to keep a count of how often your baby is moving. This will help you know whether the movements are continuous on daily basis or not.

Pregnancy symptoms week 28

  • As your pregnancy proceeds, stretch marks may expand and get more prominent. Apply cream or oil to control them. They will usually fade away after birth.
  • You may have a shift of center of gravity and may bump into things or trip over your own feet. Wear flat heels and walk slowly.
  • You may feel increasingly tired or nauseous during this time because of rise in pressure on your tummy.
  • As there is already a lot of pressure on your stomach, consume less of fatty and oil stuff.  Back ache may be chronic so make sure you take sufficient rest.
  • Your belly skin may get tight and itchy, so you should hydrate it by applying moisture.
  • You may also experience pregnancy brain this week. Your memory may get affected and you may start forgetting things.
  • Even your breast may leak early breast milk.
  • Other symptoms may include leg cramps, piles, insomnia, constipation and shortness of breath.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 28

Now your baby is moving and responds to light and sound. A high pitch noise could make her jump. The lungs, brain and digestive systems are completely formed and attaining maturity.

Yes, the baby is pretty big now and may have discomfort in moving. You can hear it with a stethoscope. It developing more fat and the wrinkled skin is disappearing fast. 

Pregnancy lifestyle week 28

  • Plan for the Rh test. If the Rh is negative, you will be given an Rh immune injection if your baby is Rh positive. It prevents your body from producing antibodies to your baby’s blood cells.
  • If you are scared, confused or have queries, speak to your doctor.
  • Take complete care of yourself and do anything you like.
  • Enjoy some intimate moments with your partner.

Pregnancy checklist week 28

  • Give up heels and wear flats
  • Decide on whom you want with you during labor.
  • Prepare for breastfeeding
  • Give sufficient time to your partner
  • Plan for your maternity leave
  • Make a perfect birth plan for your child

Make sure you get constant help of your doctor for high blood pressure, diabetes and itching problems.