Does stress damages your fertility level?

Does stress damages your fertility level?

Does stress damage your fertility level?

This question is one of the mostly asked by the women’s and the answer is yes stress can certainly interfere with the conception process. It is also advised by some of the doctors if you are not getting pregnant that to relax and give time it will happen automatically. It is somewhat embarrassing for few patients but it is the reality.

As you know everything is connected to the brain and stress effects the normal functioning of the brain. Especially the functioning of the hypothalamus, which regulates some of the main body functions of body like hormones and emotions.

If you are having stress and you are tensed, then you can ovulate later, which would certainly affect the fertility. This would also not work even if you are choosing the 14 day for having sex. As you will not ovulate at that time and you will miss the opportunity to have a baby.

Symptoms – You can have different type of stress some stress is just temporary and it doesn’t do much damage but some are permanent one which are the real villain here. If you have consistent stress then it is not good for your body. Sometimes accidents or death in a family is a cause of permanent stress and it could be very damaging.

However temporary stress doesn’t do much damage to you and can often be work related or other things. Usually every type of stress is harmful and can really interfere with ovulation process and can cause infertility. It also depends on women to women may be some can get pregnant under stress others can’t.

If you are trying to be pregnant and you have stress, then your get warning by the cervical fluid secretion that you are not pregnant. You cannot miss these signs, you get wet patches even in dry days.

Treatment – The best treatment in the case of infertility cause by stress is to be calm and relax your mind and body. You can adopt many things to become relaxed and there are too many things which you can opt to calm yourself down. Few of them are exercising daily as exercising does help you in keeping your body and mind calm.

You can also join yoga and get the spiritual calmness along with somebody wellness tricks. Some women’s can also go to spa or for an outing to calm them as their current environment is the main cause of stress. A vacation or a holiday is a sure thing work also causes stress and if you are on holiday you would be in a happy mood without stress.

Even sometimes taking a few days off from the office and staying home is also beneficial to keep your stress level under control.

Conclusion – The stress level might be one of the causes which can cause infertility but you should remember it is not the major cause of infertility. You can get rid of stress without going to doctor, just spend some time doing which amaze you.