How to deal with depression during isolation period

How to deal with depression during isolation period

Everyone knows about current scenario that WHO declared COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. During this period many of us are locked at home even we are not infected, and some of us are also isolated in hospitals due to suspect of corona virus infection.

            As you know humans are social animals and right now we have to maintain our social distance to fight with this corona crisis. It is obvious to stress because our routine life has suddenly changed completely during this lockdown period and also we don’t know how far it will go. Here we are giving you tips that can help you survive this isolation period and also stress out yourself.


  1. Think About “Finally I can focus on my home and myself”.

Don’t think what is going on outside. Focus your mind at home and do one creative thing per day. Reorganize or decorate your home. Involve yourself with family members and play indoor games.  Do something creative which you always wanted to do. This is your ultimate chance to forget everything and focus on yourself.