Proper Hand Washing steps And Related Questions

As Coronavirus is spreading very speedily, here are the Proper Hand Washing steps And Related Questions that everyone should follow to stay safe from Coronavirus and other related diseases.

Proper Hand Washing steps And Related Questions
Proper Hand Washing steps And Related Questions

Common Questions & Answer related to Hand Washing

  • What is hand hygiene?

Hand hygiene is a procedure for the purpose of reducing microorganisms on the skin of one’s hands. When this procedure is performed with soap and water, it is termed hand washing. When it is performed with an alcohol-based preparation or with antiseptic soap, it is called hand disinfection

  • Which is better, washing or disinfecting your hands?

When one’s hands are soiled, they should be washed with soap and water, given that soap facilitates eliminating soiling. When one’s hands are contaminated, but are not visibly soiled, the procedure of choice is disinfection using alcohol-based preparations.

  • Why is hand washing important?

Because it is the simplest and most effective by which we all can prevent the spread of infections transmitted by contact.

  • Which water should use for Hand washing?

Clean and running water is important rather than Hot and cold. Warm water is more effective than cold water because it removes oils from the hand that can harbor bacteria.

  • Which soap should use for hand washing?

You can use any soap or recommended by your doctor if you have any skin disease.


  • How to perform Hand Washing?