How to boost your immunity during Corona Virus

To safe guard yourself and your closed once from the infection of Corona Virus, here are the important tips to boost your immunity system during COVID-19 outbreak.

How to boost your immunity during Corona Virus
Tips to boost your immunity during Corona Virus

During this corona crisis everyone’s mind have one question, how to prevent or manage the damage caused by covid-19. We can see online or in society about everything from vitamin C, vitamin D to essential oil and many more.

Immune system is not a single thing that we can easily measure and boost it. It’s a delicate system which have many different components. Helping one section might impair another, or boosting one component might nothing to do with corona virus.

If you are older or have and underlying disease like high blood pressure, diabetes or lung disease then you have increased risk of severe symptoms. And maybe loss of life from coronavirus disease (Covid-19). It’s recommended taking all precaution to avoid it.

If you are young or healthy, your risk of severity is much lower. You will probably have mild symptoms and fully recover within a couple of weeks. Or maybe you will show no symptoms. So maintaining proper hygiene, social distances are crucial to avoid spreading to high risk individuals.

Following are the  things which you can do today for no cost. We recommended you to prioritize these basic steps for protecting and improving your health and your immune system.

  1. Proper Hand Washing:- The corona virus can kill by proper hand washing for 20 seconds rub with soap or using hand sanitizer that contain alcohol more than 60%.
  2. Don’t Smoke:- Smoking can increase risk of suffering severe complications from corona infection. We shouldn’t smoke and in this time even it is more important to quit it right now.
  3. Get good sleep:- Sleep is very important for health and it’s also improve our immune system as well. During this time of lockdown you cn take adequate sleep.

If you are isolated at home, don’t invest your time in electronics like tablet, phones, and TVs. Its best time to do things , like puzzles, crosswords or reading actual book not e-book.

  1. Proper exercise:-Do regular proper exercise and yoga for at least 1 hr daily. Proper exercise means never go beyond the line. Because too much exercise is stressful on body and can tough on immune system. So when you are  tired then take rest.
  2. Reduce stress:- When we are stressed, our body produces stress hormone which suppress our immune system. So one of the most ways to boost immune system is to avoid taking stress. We can’t control  stress level but we can reduce our stress by meditation, mindfulness exercise, and make some activities at home and keep busy ourselves. Involve yourself with family members and do things like playing with kids.
  3. Supplements which boost immunity:- To support your immune system you can eat supporting foods like citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli and spinach. If your immune system is already weak you can add some supplements like vitamin C, vitamin B, Vitamin D and zinc.