Common Dental Problems among Toddlers and How to Prevent Them

Common Dental Problems among Toddlers and How to Prevent Them

Common Dental Problems among Toddlers and How to Prevent Them

There are plenty of teeth problems that affect the oral health of the toddlers. Thumb sucking, tooth decay, gum disease, tongue thrusting and cavities are some of the teeth issues that little ones experience. Toddlers often face tooth problems that keep them awake all night making them cry and clutch their cheek in pain. This may result in sleepless nights for parents causing lots of stress over a period of time.

Parents at this time should realize that what they might consider as simple tooth decay or cavity problem with their little one may result in significant issues such as any sort of infection or serious teeth development problem. So to ensure that your toddler remain in best shape with respect to their dental health it is vital to give proper pediatric dental care.  A proper dental checkup, clinical treatment and healthy brushing can help the toddler do away with oral problems enabling them to stay healthy and in best shape.

Given below are some of the most common dental problems among toddlers along with remedial steps that you can follow to prevent such problems –

Baby Bottle Carries –

Baby bottle carries is a condition when tiny amounts of sugars from drinks such as milk, baby formula and fruit juices get remained in the crevices of their teeth causing black or brown decays in the teeth. This is commonly found on the front teeth of the upper jaw the decays get worse over a period of time as little ones are fed  bottle milk or sugary drink before they are about to sleep.

The deposit in the cause the formation of plaque which then builds up and leads to the ‘caries’. To tackle this problem and prevent this, you can on daily basis wash the mouth of your toddler after feeding them with milk or drink and you can give them little plain water or pacifier to enable them remove the carries.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay among toddler is one of the most common dental problems which results in the destruction of tooth enamel along with the outer layer of the teeth. Tooth decay mainly takes place owing to unhealthy eating habits of little ones where they like to have carbohydrate rich foods such as cookies, candies, and chocolates as well as fruit roll-ups.

Since such foods contain sweet particles that get stuck in teeth to form bacteria leading to tooth decay, it is advisable to keep your little ones away from such foods. You can also inculcate among them the habit of good oral hygiene by motivating them to brush their teeth twice a day and ask them to wash their mouth every time they consume something that contains carbohydrates.

Gum Disease –

Gum disease among toddlers is a condition where the gum line is inflamed that leads to formation of plaque owing to the presence of bacteria and food particles. Although the condition is quite normal, it can lead to serious problem by affecting the bone and deteriorating the surrounding tissues that support the teeth. Gum diseases normally contain three stages that include gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.

Among these three, chronic gingivitis is common among children while gingivitis causes the gum tissue to swell making the tissues turn red bleed often. To prevent such condition and minimize the effect of gum disease, you should your teach your children to brush and floss daily to enable them prevent gum disease from occurring.

Conclusion –

Apart from the above mentioned dental health issues that toddlers can experience, tooth abscess, discoloration and sensitive teeth are some other issue that they can be faced with owing to lack of dental care. So to make sure that your little one stays away from such problems and enjoys a better dental health, you must look after their dental health; teach them the importance of daily brushing and good dental habits.