October 29 - World Psoriasis Day 2019

World Psoriasis Day. Observed: October 29, 2019. World Psoriasis Day is an annual day specially dedicated to people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis.

October 29 - World Psoriasis Day 2019
World Psoriasis Day 2019 Theme

World Psoriasis Day has been commemorated around the world annually on 29 October since 2004, to raise awareness for psoriasis diseases and make people aware about the various challenges faced by those individuals suffering from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

IFPA – the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations and its members along with other volunteers organize global, regional and national events on regular basis in support of World Psoriasis Day in more than 50 countries under the current theme.

World Psoriasis Day focuses global concentration on addressing the requirements of more than 125 million people living with psoriasis worldwide along with to spread information about the condition and improve access to treatment.

What actually is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that results from an overactive immune system and is evidenced by rashes on the skin. While most immune systems take 30 or so days to push new cells to the skin, those with psoriasis push new cells within two to three days.

World Psoriasis Day 2019 Them

The theme for World Psoriasis Day 2019 is "Let's Get CONNECTED" and all the relevant events and awareness related functions will be based on the present theme.

World Psoriasis Day 2019

3 Diseases Associated With Psoriasis

  • Type 2 diabetes

Psoriasis is often associated with type 2 diabetes, a condition in which the blood retains high levels of sugar.

  • Heart disease

Heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, can lead to psoriasis.

  • Bowel disease

Those who suffer from psoriasis may also suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, an often painful condition that affects the digestive tract.

Aim of World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day is dedicated to people living with psoriasis disease or psoriatic arthritis. On October 29, our main motive it to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Spread information
  • Improve access to treatment
  • Give the psoriasis community a voice

World Psoriasis Day 2019

Are there special World Psoriasis Day activities?

Yes! Each year, our member associations organize a wide variety of World Psoriasis Day activities – from small gatherings to large-scale events. Examples of activities include:

  • Awareness-raising walks or running events
  • Free information events for the general public
  • Lectures or seminars held by medical professionals
  • Handing out flyers and brochures in public places
  • Drawing competitions
  • Sending out WPD postcards
  • Free psoriasis assessment and consultations at hospitals
  • Activities for children and youth
  • Photo exhibitions with psoriasis-related themes
  • Radio or TV interviews with patient leaders or medical experts
  • Fundraising barbecues, get-togethers or concerts
  • Outdoor yoga sessions for people with psoriasis
  • Coverage of World Psoriasis Day by local or national media