National Eye Donation Fortnight 2019

The National Eye Donation Fortnight is celebrated every year from 25th August to 8th September.

National Eye Donation Fortnight 2019
National Eye Donation Fortnight 2019

Give the gift of sight!

The National Eye Donation Fortnight is celebrated each year from 25th August to 8th September. It is a campaign which means to make mass open mindfulness about the significance of eye donation and to propel individuals to promise their eyes for donation after death.

Visual impairment is one of the real general medical issues in creating nations. As indicated by the World Health Organization, corneal maladies (Damage to the tissue covering the front of the eye called cornea) are among the real reasons for vision misfortune and visual impairment, after waterfall and glaucoma.

Light up a Life - Donate your Eyes

As a rule, loss of sight can be rectified through 'Eye Donation" After the demise of an individual, different organs can be donated and can be precisely transplanted to the patients who need them. One such organ is the eye. By giving eyes after death, a corneal visually impaired individual can see again through a surgery known as corneal transplantation, whereby the harmed cornea is supplanted by a solid cornea from the eye giver.

There are various reasons concerning why individuals don't give their eyes: Lack of mindfulness among the overall population

  • Absence of motivation even among trained personnel
  • Insufficient facilities in the hospitals and emergency clinics
  • Social and religious myths

All we need to know about eye donation

• Eye donation is giving one's eyes after his/her demise.

• Only corneal visually impaired individuals are profited by given eyes.

• Corneal visual impairment is the loss of sight because of harm in the tissue covering the front of the eye called cornea.

• Anyone can give their eyes independent of age, sex and blood gathering.

• The cornea ought to be expelled inside an hour of death.

• Eyes of gave individual can spare the vision of two corneal visually impaired individuals.

• Eye evacuation takes just 10-15 minutes and leaves no scar or distortion of the face.

• Donated eyes are never purchased or sold. Eye donation is never cannot.

• Contact the eye bank to turn into an enlisted eye contributor.

National Eye Donation Fortnight 2019

FAQ's on Eye Donation

Who can be an Eye giver?

Anybody can be a giver, independent of age, sex, blood gathering or religion. Individuals who use focal points or displays for foolishness, long-sightedness or even those whose eyes are worked can, in any case, give their eyes. Poor visual perception does not come in method for eye donation.

By what method can the visual perception be reestablished?

People who have lost their sight as a result of harm to the cornea can like to recapture it with corneal joining.

If it's not too much trouble indicate the conditions where one can't give eyes?

People who have foundational diseases like AIDS, hepatitis B or C, Rabies, Tetanus, Malaria can't give their eyes.

How rapidly should corneas be evacuated after death?

The corneas ought to be expelled ideally inside 60 minutes, however, can be evacuated up to a limit of 6-8 hours, of death.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to give my eyes?

Eye donation is a respectable purpose. Giving your eyes to someone else can illuminate the life of two individuals.

How might I give my eyes?

For eye donation, you are required to fill the promise structure and send it to any of the closest eye banks. When you are enlisted as an eye benefactor you will be given an Eye Donor Card.

How might I realize where to give eyes?

Dial 1919 in Delhi (MTNL Toll-Free No. for Eye Donation 24 hrs.).

In the event of an individual's passing; what is the guidance that individuals around can pursue?

  • Close the eyelids of the contributor
  • Switch off the fan; you can switch on the air -conditioner
  • Raise the head of the expired somewhat by setting a pad underneath
  •  Contact the closest eye bank at 1919 as fast as could be expected under the circumstances