Effective Tips to Prepare Your Child for School

Every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and see people he never met before. Here are some useful tips to prepare your child for his first day of school.

Effective Tips to Prepare Your Child for School
how to prepare your child for school

Going to school for the very first time can be startling for children and in the same way anxious for the parents. The prospect of going to a school, which is a new place full of strangers and being away from the parents can be quite disheartening for most of the children. Most children get concerned at the notion of going to a new place without their parent and meeting people they have never seen before. But, as a parent, you can assist your child overcomes the nervousness about starting school by nurturing a positive attitude towards school. Here are the effective tips to prepare your child for starting school:

Explain the Schedule

As your child will go to school the first time, your child should first understand what a school day will be like. Explain your child in advance about the regular schedule of a school. Tell him who will be in class with you and what he is expected to do there. Try to make him practice eating from a lunch box. At home only make your child practice sitting still and listening to instructions. This will prepare him for sitting in the classroom for long and following the teacher’s instructions properly.

Visit the School Together

If the school organizes an orientation session prior to the starting date of school, make sure you attend it with your child. In this way, you and your child will get an idea of what the school premises actually look like. In this way, you will also be able to meet the teacher and other parents. Your child can befriend other children who will be his classmates once the school starts. Even if there is no orientation session, try to visit the school with your child before it actually starts.

Try on the Uniform

Try on school uniforms. This will get your child excited about going to school in a school uniform. If there is no uniform, you can buy school supplies and let your child pack them in a school bag. This is a way for your child to practice packing and managing his own school bag with other things.

Point Out the Positives

Point out the positives points about school in a joyful and animated manner. Tell him how making new friends and learning new things in school will be a lot of fun. You can even tell your child some cheerful stories about how school was fun for you when you were a child.

Ensure That Your Child Can Use the Toilet Independently

As your child will have to use the toilet on their own in school, so make him practice and teach him how to manage bathroom door locks. Tell him to ensure that his dress is properly managed before leaving the bathroom. Also, educate the child to surely flush the toilet and wash hands after use.

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Train Your Child to Take Care of His Belongings

Make your child understand that it is significant to take care of his things. Teach him to put things like books, pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. back into his bag after use. Also, teach him how to pack up and store the lunch box in his bag after eating lunch.