Autism and the Predictable Signs at different ages!!

Autism and the Predictable Signs at different ages!!

Autism and the Predictable Signs at different ages!!

Autism refers to the lifetime developmental disorder that influences an individual while interacting with people and perceiving the world. Unlike the rest people, autistic ones feel, see and listen to the world in a complete different manner. If anyone is autistic then it is for life long as the disorder can never be cured like any disease and continues to affect the sufferer for the entire period of life. Moreover, the autistic people start taking it as an elementary facet of their identity.

Autism is overall a complex situation and people having autism face several problems in multiple ways. Autistic disorder develops certain issue like learning disability, health issues, and other problems which make the individual bound to expect multiple levels of support from the care takers. Although the autistic category of people start learning and understanding things yet good support from the people is necessary to make their life happy and satisfying.

Autism is one of the commonest disorders on the earth. Every country has an accepted percentage of people suffering from autism where men are more affected than women. Signs of autism vary much according to age of the being. Adults show some signs which vary from the autistic signs of babies and toddlers.

Predictable signs of autism in toddlers and babies –

  • If a baby gives no social smile and doesn’t leak out joyful expression by the age of six months then there can be certain chances of autism.
  • Toddlers who do not make eye contact with the nearby individuals by the age of six months are supposed to be autistic.
  • Babies are predicted autistic if by the age of nine months they don’t start sharing vocal sounds and reply with expressions to the people.
  • If no babbling is made till the age reaches to a year then autism can be a possible cause.
  • Autistic toddlers generally don’t use any gestures to interact with people like waving their hands, pointing towards something or anything like that.
  • If a baby is not reacting whenever his/her name is being taken after getting an year old then plenty chances of being autistic can be there.
  • A toddler is supposed to be autistic when not speak a word by the age sixteen months.
  • Even when a baby is two year old and still does not speak any meaningful two word phrase then predictions can reach to the possible chances of autism.

Predictable signs of autism at different age –

  • People suffering from autism generally avoid making eye contacts with others and like spending time alone.
  • People being autistic might face difficulty in understanding other’s feelings and emotions.
  • Autistic beings remain non verbal and take enough time in developing language details and accents.
  • Individuals having autism suffer from echolalia which makes them forced to repeat sentences and phrases.
  • One of the major signs of autism in humans is getting upset with minor alterations in routines and surroundings.
  • Autistic people have least interests and live a simple suffocated life.
  • Anyone being autistic would do similar things again and again like spinning, flapping, rocking etc.
  • You can predict an individual being autistic by observing unusual responses to any noise, light, texture or color.

Conclusion –

Though, autism is an incurable disorder yet the sufferers deserve something good from the better ones. Curing autism is never done but there are things which can be done for making the sufferers feel better. You can try autistic ones understand the cause of their problem and make them habitual of spending time with good people so that forgetting disorder becomes easier. Living good time with positive surroundings can help the sufferer feel joyful and continue with life in the best way possible.