What's The Difference Between Quarantine & Isolation

What's The Difference Between Quarantine & Isolation

            In the time of this corona crisis these two terms are often heard by general public but many of them are unaware of difference between quarantine and isolation. Few of them have the idea that both terms are same thing and used to separate people for controlling the spread of disease.

            Quarantine and isolation are two different kind of practice which helps to protect public by preventing exposure to people with contagious diseases.

What Is Quarantine:-

            The practice of quarantine began during the 14th century to protect coastal cities from plague epidemics.

            According to source and history a ship was arriving in Venice from infected ports were required to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing. This kind of practice later termed quarantine, this word derived from the Italian words “quaranta giorni” which mean 40 days.

            People are put in quarantine when they are not sick but have been or may have been exposed to contagious disease, like COVID-19. This can help to control the disease from breaking the chain of spreading disease.

            If someone not ordered to go into quarantine but chooses to do so just as a caution is also called self-quarantine.

During self-quarantine:-

  • Check your temperature twice a day and watch for symptoms.
  • Stay home for 14 days and self monitor.
  • If possible stay away from people who are at high risk for getting very sick from COVID-19.

What Is Isolation:-

          The term isolation is used when a person who has the disease and separated from other people. In the medical point of view, isolation is complete separation of a person, who is suffering from contagious or infectious disease, from other persons who are healthy.

             Isolation is recommended when a person is infected with a communicable disease and is separated from healthy people. This is also practiced to contain and break the chain. Sometime self isolation is also practiced.

            According to history isolation was first done around 1825-35. The word isolation comes from the insulation; the latin insulates which mean made into an island.

During Self-Isolation:- (waiting for test result)

  • Stay in a specific room or area, and away from other people or animals. If possible use separate bathroom.
  • Use your personal things away from other family persons.
  • Use separate soap, utensil, glass, spoon etc.
  • Wash your cloths yourself in a separate area.
  • If you have any symptoms like coughing and sneezing then cover your mouth and nose when talking to someone from at least 6 feet distance.