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The week by week growth and development of baby during second trimester

In the second trimester (weeks 14 to 28) baby experiences significant development, shaping in more detail and forming all those new body parts in order of their function. The organs additionally create and begin working, preparing for life in the outside world.

The second trimester is a period of quick development for your baby. The greater part of the brain’s development starts now and will proceed after your baby’s introduction to the world.

Here’s a detailed overview of the baby’s growth week by week during the second trimester of pregnancy –


Baby’s sex gets to be evidentFourteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 12 weeks after conception, your baby’s neck has turned out to be more characterized and the lower limbs are all around created. Red blood cells are shaping in your baby’s spleen.

Your baby’s sex can be recognized in the fourth month. Be that as it may, a few babies don’t give a sufficiently reasonable view during the ultrasound to tell without a doubt.

At this point your child may be very nearly 3 1/2 inches (87 millimeters) in length from head to toe end and weigh around 1/2 ounces (45 grams).


Baby develops scalp patternFifteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 13 weeks after conception, your child is developing quickly. Bone improvement proceeds and will end up unmistakable on ultrasound pictures in fourteen days. Your child’s scalp hair pattern additionally starts forming.

At around 20 weeks, in the event that you have just had a baby, you’ll most likely feel the first ripples of your child’s developments. This is called enlivening. It will be a few more weeks before relatives and family will have the capacity to feel your child’s developments.


Week 16Four months into your pregnancy, or 14 weeks after conception, your baby’s head is erect. His or her eyes can gradually move. The ears are close to achieving their final position.

Week 17Baby can hear sounds outside the mother’s body and will hop when startled. Fingernails and toenails start to show up. Child may start thumb-sucking.

Week 18Baby is moving a significant part of the time now. Skeleton would be obviously delineated if X-ray was performed. Baby estimates 8 inches in length.

Week 19 – Nineteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 17 weeks after conception, baby creates defensive coating and growth slows.

An oily, cheeselike coating called vernix caseosa starts to cover your baby. The vernix caseosa shields your child’s sensitive skin from scraped areas, drying and solidifying that can result from introduction to amniotic liquid.

Week 20week 23Twenty-one weeks into your pregnancy, or 19 weeks after conception, your baby is totally protected with a fine, wool hair called lanugo. The lanugo helps hold the vernix caseosa on the skin.

Twenty-two weeks into your pregnancy, or 20 weeks after conception, your child’s eyebrows and hair are obvious. Darker fat additionally is framing, the site of warmth production.

Twenty-three weeks into your pregnancy, or 21 weeks after conception, your child starts to have fast eye developments. Ridges additionally shape in the palms of the hands and bottoms of the feet that will later make the establishment for fingerprints and impressions.

Week 24Your baby may start hiccupping, causing yanking developments.

Week 25Twenty-five weeks into your pregnancy, or 23 weeks after conception, your baby may have the capacity to react to well-known sounds, for example, your voice, along with movement.

Your child is spending the vast majority of his or her rest time in rapid eye development (REM), when the eyes move quickly despite the fact that the eyelids are shut.

Week 26: Baby’s lungs DevelopTwenty six month and a half into your pregnancy, or 24 weeks after conception, your baby’s lungs are starting to produce surfactant, the substance that permits the air sacs in the lungs to blow up — and shields them from falling and staying together when they empty.

At this point your child may be 9 inches (230 millimeters) in length from crown to backside and weigh about 2 pounds (820 grams).

Week 27: Second trimester closesThis week points the second’s end trimester. At 27 weeks, or 25 weeks after conception, your baby’s nervous system is proceeding to develop. Your baby is additionally gaining fat, which will encourage his or her skin look smoother.


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