Reasons & Signs - Why do Teenagers Get Depressed

Is your child is not behaving normally in his teenager's stage of life & you are confused that is he depressed or not. Here are the reasons and signs of depression in teenagers.

Reasons & Signs - Why do Teenagers Get Depressed
Why do Teenagers Get Depressed

Adolescence is that stage of life when all the teenagers go through a period of uncertainty and confusion regarding most of the things. During this stage everything seems to be in a state of flux -, their bodies, their moods, their mentality, the way they see and experience most of the things, and their relationships with family members and friends. They are glaringly cognizant and conscious about all the changes they are experiencing in their bodies. Most of the teenagers can’s able to handle this situation properly and even they feel socially inept, which sometime also leads to fall into a depression phase.

First of all make your mind very clear that depression is not a mood or a phase that the person will overcome easily along with time. Most of the depressed person feels that there is something fundamentally wrong with him and his life. He feels incapable of handling the smallest problems. He feels that nothing ever goes his way and that may be he doesn’t deserve to be happy. So, let’s first of all try to understand about depression.

Signs of depression

Fatalistic Attitude: it is experienced that most of the teenagers who are suffering from the depression they will be destined to fail at anything that they attempt. Whenever they face failure they take it personally and they think that they are incapable of doing anything in their life.  

Impulsive behavior: Most of the depressed teenagers also tend to act as impulsive. Whenever they can’t able to find the proper solutions for their problems according to their easiness or they can’t able to handle any situation appropriately, they become impulsive.

Socially withdrawn: It is experience that often depressed teenagers behave antisocially.  This is because they don’t feel confident to face so many people and even this comes in their mind that no one will be going to enjoy their company. They feel that they don’t have anything interesting to share with other people and this mentality even make them avoid volunteering for any group activities, as they feel that they will be burden and they don’t have anything to contribute valuably.

Uncomfortable in sharing personal information:  As the depressed teenagers lack in confidence so they also feel uncomfortable in sharing their personal feeling or any delicate information with others. This is because they think that the listener will going to judge them according to it or they do not want to open themselves up to any possible disapproval or criticism, which they take for granted as being forthcoming.

Psychosomatic illnesses: Depression sometime can result displaying psychosomatic symptoms like dizzy spells, headaches, stomachaches, etc in a teenager and in an attempt to acquire some sympathy from others. The thing which come in their mind is that this is the only way through with they can get some positive attention. Their supposed indisposition can also get them out of uncomfortable situations that they may not want to face.