Ideal age to start schooling

Ideal age to start schooling

Ideal age to start schooling

Do you wish to know the correct age to enroll your kid in kindergarten? Well, knowing the ideal age for kindergarten is not that simple. Parents have different reasons to enroll their children in school at different ages. However, a lot of parents choose preschool admission age to be 1.5 years to 2 years. Some may enroll in daycare at 3 years.

So, what is the right age to give preschool education to your kid? Well, it largely depends on the mental and physical ability of your kid and how she is ready to adapt to the environment around her. A preschool helps in enhancing her social, physical, academic and mental ability. It also makes the kid interactive and adaptable to educational environment.

What does research suggest about the ideal age to start schooling?

It is not permissible for children of age 1 year to attend kindergarten. However, if parents fail to take proper care of their children, then they make go for daycare services. As your kid ages 2 years of age, you can go for preschool apart from daycare service. The teachers introduce pre-match and pre-literary abilities in the kids.

Most of the psychologists state that kids should get an environment of preschool at the age of 1.5 years to 2 years. One shouldn’t delay more than that. Some parents enroll their children at 3 years but that is the time to commence kindergarten and elementary education. Thus, the age of 1.5 to 2 years is most suitable.

What is the right age for preschool education?

Children while growing up get impacted by what they see around. Majorly at the tender age of 2, the brain of a child is most absorbent of his surroundings. This is the reason why for preschool, some requisites are important. In the early stage of life, daycare plays a vital role in impacting the mind of the child. Parents should provide a fair time to the kids during their education and learning session.

The right way to determine age for preschool admission depends on these attributes:

1.       Your kid should have a vast collection of educational toys. He should have access to all the fun activities which he may need.

2.       The best daycare should render a good social atmosphere and should allow visits of family and friends.

3.       The preschool should have an enormous range of kid literature. They should have books of fairy tales, comics, superheroes, story books and more.

Is your kid prepared for preschool?

Going for preschool will make your kid spend couple of hours away from the house, from you. In simple words, your child should be aware of certain self-care ideas as you won’t be there to help him/ her with his usual routine like washing hands, drinking water etc.

You will have to find out if your kid is ready for preschool from all fronts. He should be physically and emotionally strong. Going to preschool means interaction with other kids. Thus, your kid should be socially active too. Here are some points to know whether your child is ready for preschool or not.

1.       Fundamental self-reliant abilities: Your kid should be little self-reliant when they are beginning preschool. For instance, they should know to carry their basic work like using the toilet, drinking water, eating and sleeping.

2.       Comfortable with unknown faces alone: Sometimes kids at small age are not comfortable to see unknown faces in the absence of their parents. So, if your kid is ready to meet unknown people and be without you or his/ her babysitter, then they are fit to be in preschool.

3.       Group activities: Preschool is all about activities and group activities where all the children participate together. Thus, interaction with other kids is important. However, if your kid is below 3 years of age, then group activities may be difficult. However, you can inculcate these habits in your kid from beforehand to help them adapt it quickly in preschool.

4.       Maintaining a schedule: Kids are comfier with a routine; this is why preschools follow a timetable: playtime, snack time, circle time, playground time etc. If your kid doesn’t keep similar routine, then you should work on it before they commence their preschool. 

With these habits, you can make your kid ready for preschool at the right age of 1.5 to 2 years.