How to grow good habits in your children?

How to grow good habits in your children?

How to grow good habits in your children

Your kids are your reflection to a great extent. It may sound clichéd but kids are clay which needs to be molded into the person you want them to be. So, how do you make your kids well-mannered and courteous? It is the responsibility of the parents to develop good habits in their kids in early life. It brings lifelong advantages to your kids. You should encourage your children to learn healthy habits which comprises of good manners, social skills and more. Repeating a behavior daily helps to inculcate the habit more promptly in your child.

Right way to develop good habits in children

1.        Begin young: It is never too early to grow good manners in your child. Keep one thing in mind, as your child grows, he/ she becomes resistant to changes which hinder their routine. Hence, you should introduce habits like dental hygiene, reading, healthy eating, sharing, greeting others, being thankful and more as early as possible.

2.        Be their role model: A remarkable way to develop good habits in your kid is set a good example yourself. Believe you me; your kid is learning a lot of things just by observing your daily habits and manners. So, it is important to exhibit the best so your kid imbibes the same.

3.        Create an optimistic environment: It is in an optimistic, safe and sound environment that your child learns, develops and prospers. So, create a comfy environment at home and set a positive mind frame for your child. This works like a miracle and helps in development of good manners in your kid.

4.        Maintain some ground rules: As a guardian, it is essential to set some ground rules. Have a rigid time table for homework, naps, play hour and TV time. This will slowly create a discipline in your child. However, you should maintain a fine balance and never get too strict or very lenient with the routine.

5.        Reward: Another way to inculcate good habits in your child is by rewarding their good behavior. Reward them with experiences instead of giving materialistic things. For instance, reward them with extra play time rather than giving a new toy.

6.        Motivate your child to talk: Give the kids the right to express their opinion. Hear them out and try to see things from their point of view. Consider their opinion on important matters of the house. and, your child will also listen to you and obey you.

7.        Give them responsibility: Teach your child to be responsible by giving them some duties. Your child will imbibe this trait if you make them practice it. For instance, give them something essential for safe-keeping. Gift them a pet as it instills a sense of duty in your little one.

8.        Read good literature to them: Stories are a great means to introduce good habits to your children. Good story books teach you good moral, positive attitude, courtesy and more.

9.        Have family dinners: Family dinners are an amazing way to feed healthy eating habits to your kids. If the family dines together, your kid will not eat unhealthy food and nurture bonds of togetherness in him/ her.

10.    Be involved with your kid: No matter how busy lifestyle you have, spend some quality time with your kid. Encourage them to talk to you and share all they have gone through the whole day. Find their insight towards schools, their friends and correct them wherever they are wrong.

11.    Set realistic expectations: Do not expect your little one to grasp all the good manners and habits all at once. Remember your baby is still young and is bound to make mistakes. Tell them their mistakes and give them space for recovery. Also remember, raising your voice or hitting your child will make them stubborn towards developing good manners

12.    Make your child value time: Time is money and if your kids learn how to value time, they make proper use of it. It will make them punctual for everything. 

You may teach discipline to your little one, but whether your kid uses it or not depends on how well have you worked as a parent in inculcating it in their daily lives. Show them the right path and motivate them to move on it with praises and optimistic reinforcement.