Embryo Freezing – Can It Improve IVF Success Rate?

Embryo freezing – Can it improve IVF success rate? The capacity to freeze and thaw embryos effectively is one of the best development s in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Numerous fertility patients who experience in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) get additional benefits with frozen embryos. Embryo freezing – cryopreservation, has existed for a long time, […]

IVF Babies – Is There any Difference Between Test Tube Babies and Normally Conceived Babies?

IVF babies – is there any difference between test tube babies and normally conceived babies? IVF is In-vitro fertilization treatment, which is popularly known as test tube baby in layman’s language. IVF technology is used to fertilize the egg as well as the sperm outside the body in a particular lab and then transferring the […]

Hypertension During Pregnancy – Is it Disturbing? Impacts on the Mother & the Infant

Hypertension during pregnancy – is it disturbing? Impacts on the mother & the infant Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is characterized as blood pressure which is greater or equivalent to 140/90 mm Hg. The condition of high blood pressure can prove to be a cause of genuine worry for some pregnant ladies. Hypertension during pregnancy […]

How Baby Grows and Develops During Third Trimester?

How is baby growing and developing during third trimester? From the time of conception to the time of delivery, your growing baby experiences numerous phases of development. Before the second trimester is over, the majority of your baby’s organs and body parts are formed and working. The last stage of your pregnancy is the third trimester. It […]

Frequently Asked Questions During the Third Trimester

Frequently asked questions during the third trimester Pregnancy gives birth to an assortment of feelings in a woman, and also huge amounts of questions that most of us sure have no responses to. You will have huge amounts of pregnancy-related inquiries for the specialist or your caregiver on your first visit to the obstetrician. The […]

The Diet Expecting Mother’s Follow During The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The Diet Expecting Mother’s Follow during the Third Trimester of Pregnancy As your pregnancy will advance, so will the necessities of your body. Your unborn baby’s needs too are satisfied by your body. In this way, a lack in the eating routine may turn out to be negative for both your baby and you. The […]

Changes in Woman’s Body During Third Trimester

Changes in woman’s body during third Trimester Twenty eight months is the start of the third trimester of the pregnancy. At 30 weeks, women encounter various indications identified with the pregnancy hormones and the expanding size of the baby. During the third trimester, the body of a woman starts experiencing significant changes to accommodate the […]