Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

Solutions to Beat Bedwetting

Small children require much more attention as they have to deal with quite a few problems. One of the prominent problems with growing kids is bed wetting which can be an embarrassing issue. It is a common thing for most of the small children’s until they learn to control it. It is also known as involuntary urination which is more frequent in the age group of 4 to 6 years.

According to the studies, more than five million children suffer from it. But this percentage decreases and only 15 to 12 percent children wet their bed at the age of 5 and only 5 percent at the age of 8 to 11. If you look closely bed wetting is a sort of genetic problem and it is more common among boys than girls. But children eventually come out of it as they grow old. There some steps and solution that can really beat the bed wetting problem and keep your children dry.

Don’t blame and get angry –

This is one of the wrong things to tackle the bed wetting problem. Getting angry and punishing the child wouldn’t solve the problem here it only makes it worse. It’s difficult to stop the child as it’s out of their voluntary control. You shouldn’t be much focused and worried about it as it is a common thing which goes away usually with time. So instead of blaming and scolding the child you should really support him or her so that he has more confidence in himself. If you handle things with patience and care it would certainly help them.

Consult a paediatrician –

If the child is facing with frequent bed wetting problem then it is suggested that you consult a paediatrician. He will be able to advise you better and can also give some medication if required. Especially if the child is more than 5 and has bed wetting issue then you should consult a good paediatrician and ask him about the issue.

You can also help the doctor to better diagnose the issue by helping him providing useful info about the child and his habits.  If it starts frequently then there can be issues like diabetes and urinary tract infection. If there is urinary tract infection then the bed wetting problem will disappear in some time. If still the issue persists then you shouldn’t be much concerned as it just a normal delay in development of mental control over it.

Take your child to bathroom before sleeping –

This is one of the things you can do to prevent bed wetting problem and it does work efficiently in most of the children. You should take your child to bathroom just before its sleeping time so that he or she can urinate

If the child’s bladder is completely empty then there will be slightly less chance of bed wetting. This will not help you get rid of issue but it will certainly keep your bed dry at night. You can also limit liquid intake of child in the evening time to prevent it.

Buy a waterproof mattress –

If your child has the habit of bed wetting then you should look for alternatives like waterproof mattress and pillows to keep your bed dry. This would surely help you to tackle the issue but it doesn’t have anything to do with curing the problem. This way can help your child to be dry and help you keeping your child dry.

 Conclusion –

If you will follow the above-mentioned solution then it will surely help you to beat the bed wetting problem efficiently