Ideal age to start preschool/ playgroup in India

Ideal age to start preschool/ playgroup in India

Ideal age to start preschool/ playgroup in India

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in a preschool, then you should know the correct age to start preschool. Here are some important facts and points which will help you get judge when your baby is ready to join the preschool. Deciding the right age isn’t a simple job for parents. Some parents have reasons for enrolling their kid in playgroup at an early age. And, the most common one is that both the parents are working and want their baby to be taken care of in the correct hands in his developing stage; hence they opt for preschool at an early stage.

Usually parents enroll their kids in preschool at the age of 2 or 2.5 years. But it may not be necessary that the kid is mentally ready at this age. Some parents wish to make their child familiar with the social environment; hence they enroll their children at an early age in a reputed preschool. It is very important to evaluate the behavior of the child outside preschool before getting the admission.

It is very important to make your child ready for the preschool before getting them admitted no matter what their age is. You can create a school like environment at your home to increase their familiarity. Make sure you read books to them which are inspirational, informative and visually appealing. There are educational games available in the market. Create an amicable atmosphere by inviting kids of your neighbors and relatives to socialize with your child.

 If your child is developing in a good, homely and healthy environment, then you should not hurry to enroll your child in a preschool at a very early age. But, today the parents are so busy that don’t have enough time to give to their baby and participate with them in play activities. Thus, children feel left out. A preschool makes learning easier for your child. Hence, all in all, you should enroll your kid in playgroup from 2.5 to 3 years of age.

Now discovering a practical approach from the perspective of a child, here are some concerns which you should keep in mind:

Social concern

It has usually been seen that a kid loves positive peer interaction when they are more than 2 years of age. There are some kids who also love adult child interaction at this age. Hence, it has been seen that by the age of two, the child becomes a complete social being.

Health concern

It has often been seen that some kids when living in group care get infections or allergies. Thus, it is important to get your child enrolled in preschool only when he/ she are able to take the basic care of them. This may need some minimum maturity level which comes only after the child completes 2.5 years of life.

Thus, early enrolment is a great option only if the parents are not able to give the kids a positive environment which is conducive to development. So, if the child is between 2.5 to 3.5 years of age, you should judge the environment and decide whether you should consider an early or late enrolment. It majorly also relies on the comfortableness of the kid.

Importance of a good preschool

The first 4-5 years of life demand quick and critical development in a child. Hence, this is why a preschool plays an important foundation for learning. In India, you don’t have any accrediting or licensing agencies for preschools and teachers. Anyone can begin a playschool class just anywhere. Hence you have hundreds of garage preschools around. Thus, it is very important to choose a school which has right facilities, staff, teachers, curriculum and outlook for your kid,

Things to keep in mind before enrolling your kid in a preschool

Before enrolling your child in preschool, it is very important that your baby should be able to take care of himself. He should potty trained and should carry himself around properly. Often kids suffer from infections and allergies. Give your baby proper care to eliminate these health disorders. If your child is not getting sufficient care and positive environment at home, then enroll your baby in a preschool before 2.5 years.


Finally, the article concludes that regardless of preschools setting a right age for kids, ultimately it is the decision of the parents. But, make sure you consider all the factors and then make a sound decision for your growing child.