How to Handle Picky Eaters – Follow These Vital Tips

How to Handle Picky Eaters – Follow These Vital Tips

How to Handle Picky Eaters – Follow These Vital Tips

Picky eating is a situation when a child refuses to eat food and likes to eat same food again and again. The condition of picky eating usually takes place among children when they become toddler or during preschool stage. Owing to picky eating habit of their children, many parents worry about their children not getting proper nutrition which often creates a tough situation for them.

Since the condition of picky eating among children arises around second year when they start feeding themselves, they kind of decide what to eat how to eat and when to eat. All toddlers at some point of time indicate signs of some level of pickiness with food which is kind of normal and disappears with time.

Read on below about 04 vital tips that you can follow to use to deal with your little one displaying signs of picky eating.

Don’t buy unhealthy foods –

When dealing with a picky eater it is in their best interest to keep them away from unhealthy foods like chips and cookies.  In case your kid has developed a habit of eating chips, chocolates and cookies and demands these stuffs on regular basis, then it is time that you stop buying such foods.  If the chips and cookies items are not in the house, it is but obvious that the child would not be able to eat.

They may show some form of resistance in the beginning and avoid normal food but over time they would have any option but to eat healthier food. Replacing unhealthy food with healthy foods such as apples, carrots and juices may make the child try such foods and over time they would start liking such foods.

Involved kids in food preparation –

As a parent you can for addressing the issues of picky eating involve your child in food preparation. The first step towards can be involving your kid and taking his or her input with grocery shopping.  By involving your child with grocery shopping you can ask him/her to pickup healthier and tastier foods that they can eat as well.

Additionally, you can involve them in food preparation and ask about inputs as to what food should be made on daily basis. This would make feel your kid positive about the meal and they are likely to eat the food without showing any signs of pickiness.

Eat healthy food yourself –

In case, you are disturbed with the picky eating habit of your toddler, it is vital that you practice what you preach. To motivate your child eat healthy, you should lead by example and should eat a range of healthy foods yourself. Make sure your own eating choices are healthier and in line with type of foods that you want your little one to eat.

Avoid eating snacks, chips and fast foods in front of your kids and always make it a point to teach them about the ill effects of such foods to your child. Developing a healthy eating habit for yourself would certainly help and with time your little one too would start following on your footsteps.

Don’t cut on treats completely –

When looking to dealing with a picky eater, as a parent it is important that you exhibit some form of patience and let your child eat what they want in moderation. The idea is to think in moderation and allowing them to eat little quantity of foods as per their taste.

Make sure you are not putting an end to all the tasty and sweet food rather you can over time motivate them to stop eating such foods or demand them on occasional basis. This way you can stop them from having unhealthy foods such as chips, pastries and cookies while not letting them feel that they cannot each such food.

Conclusion –

Although, over a period of time children show signs of improvement with food and eating habits, it is desirable to address the issue of picky eating and help them get best possible nutrition through a healthy diet.