Give Sexuality Education to Children and Adolescents for their Better Future

Give Sexuality Education to Children and Adolescents for their Better Future

Give Sexuality Education to Children and Adolescents for their Better Future

Children and adolescents require detailed and complete education about sexuality for healthier sexual behavior as adults. Sex education majorly aims to inculcate and strengthen the ability of the kids and teens to make conscious, healthy, dignified and satisfying choices while making relationships, sexuality and physical and mental health. It doesn’t encourage kids and teens to have sex in anyway.

Pre-aged, exploitative and risky sexual actions might lead to social and health issues like unintentional pregnancy, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) etc. It vitally reviews the role of pediatrician in rendering quality sexuality knowledge to kids, adolescents and adults. Integrating sexuality education will help in building confidential and longitudinal relationship amongst the kids.

Sexuality education is way above than just mere guidelines to adolescents on the anatomy, body, sexual activity and reproduction. It ranges from healthy sex, gender identification, honest affection, interpersonal relationships, intimacy, body anatomy and transformation, severe health conditions related and other needs.

Inculcating a healthy sexuality is a major developmental milestone for all adolescents and kids who largely rely on acquiring info and having the right belief and attitude about relationships, intimacy as well as sexual orientation.

Healthy sexuality is affected by cultural, moral, and ethnic concerns. It comprises of the capacity to reserve and promote interpersonal relations and to value each other’s body and personality. It includes communication of the both the sexes in a right and respectful way and to express affection, intimacy and love keeping each other’s values and sexual preferences and abilities in mind.

Dimensions of healthy sexuality educations to children and adolescent

The different dimensions of healthy sexuality include the physiology, body, biochemistry of the sexual response system of both the sexes. It includes identity, orientation, personality and feelings of the two people involved. Usually, children and adolescent receive info on sexual health from multiple sources like peer, internet, teacher, blue films, pornographic literature and books. But, it doesn’t mean that all information is right.

The biggest con of unhealthy and risky sexual action comprises of -

  • Health and social issues like HIV infection and AIDS
  • STI diseases like hepatitis, herpes, gonorrhea, human papilloma virus.
  • Unwanted pregnancy

Need of the Future Generation and Solutions

Sexual education can help in the reduction of adolescent pregnancy and spread of STI amongst children. The use of contraception during the first intercourse and use of condoms and hormonal contraception during every intercourse can help in safe sex. Successful health education and promotional seminars majorly focus on the necessities of the target audience.

Customized interventions for health issues and complete knowledge about unsafe sex need to be provided by individuals to the target population. As per the available scientific evidence, children frequently express the desire to get formal sexuality education.

The two major context of sex education for children and adolescent include -

  • Abstinence based sexuality education which lays stress on advancing abstinence outside marriage.
  • Comprehensive sexuality education which lays stress on educating children and adolescent to possess the ability to decide when to have sex and whether they should go for it or not. It prepares the young gen to have complete knowledge on healthy sexual activity.

Thus, with right sexual education, the children will become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Adolescents today have a huge sex drive but with the right guidance they can have a better and safer sexual future.