Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe From Heat Waves In Summer

Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe From Heat Waves In Summer

Tips to keep your kids safe from heat waves in summer

Temperature during summer months rises suddenly and it reaches to a point where it gets difficult for people to get out and stay outside. At this time during peak summer, heat waves take place regularly and it gets quite difficult for parents to ensure proper temperature for their kid. Since babies and young children remain susceptible to developing several ailments from heat wave, it gets crucial to keep them safe from scorching heat unbearable weather. As parents there are many things that you can do at this time to keep your child healthy and best in shape.

Tips to protect kids in summers -

Be prepared During the period of summer when intense heat is predicted, it is in your best interest that you stay prepared in advance. So if you are looking to head outside with your toddler, then it is advisable that you check the temperature.  If the weather forecast suggests scorching heat, then you can avoid going outdoors during the period. However if it is extremely important to go outdoors then you can travel during the early parts of the day before it gets too hot. Basically you can plan going outdoors before the sun is at its strongest, this way you and your little one would be able to enjoy the outdoors much more.

Keep your kids hydrated – Making sure that your child is hydrated is one of the most important things that you can do to keep him/her safe from heat waves. Young children particularly who belong to the age group between 1 and 2 years are not able to tell that they are thirsty and therefore you should look to keep them hydrated by feeding them liquids in proper amount.

  • So if your baby is dependent on breastfeeding, you would require feed them extra during the time of intense heat or summer. If your baby is above the age of one year and consumes other food, then you can give them cooled boiled water between meals.
  • Additionally make sure that your child gets enough liquid throughout the day in the form of water of healthy juices.
  • In case your child refuses to drink more of liquids, you can make them fruits such as oranges and water melons.

Travelling with kids during heat wave Ideally it is best to avoid travelling with your baby or toddler during the period of intense summer, however if you cannot avoid going outside, you can keep in mind followings aspects to keep your baby safe and sound during heat wave.

  • Cover the skin of your child with sunscreen or with the help of loose clothing made from linen or cotton. Stay in shade most of the times or when it is possible.
  • Make your child wear light and breathable clothes along with a wide -brimmed hat.
  • Make sure you take breaks and visit air conditioned mall or place to ensure proper temperature for your kid.

Follow these tips to keep your kids safe from heat waves in summers!