Tips for optimum growth of fetus in utero

Tips for optimum growth of fetus in utero

Giving birth to a baby is not an easy task and you need to go through pain and discomfort for nine months before you give birth to the baby. This is why you need to extra care of yourself during the pregnancy period as you are carrying another life within your uterus. You need to have a diet and lifestyle routine that helps you to stay fit and also help in the development and nourishment of the baby.

You shall be especially peculiar about what you get to eat also keep an eye on the things that you get to do. You shall not engage in tasks such as lifting heavy task, putting too much pressure on your body amongst others. It all helps in keeping you as well as your baby healthy within your womb. There are some of the other things as well that you need to keep in mind for right development of fetus.

Here are some of the key tips that will help you with development of fetus within your uterus –

Keeping regular check on the blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels – The first things that you need to keep in mind during the pregnancy period are having a check on the blood pressure and the blood sugar levels. Having high blood sugar or pressure can have an impact on the fetus and thus you shall get it checked at regular intervals. The blood pressure and blood sugar levels tend to fluctuate too much during the pregnancy period and thus you need to be extra careful.

Especially when the rise in the blood pressure is quite high, then the signs are dangerous and it may indicate preeclampsia. It is quite a severe condition and may also result in the pre-mature delivery as well thus you need to be that extra careful during the pregnancy period.

Making a check on the weight of the fetus – Another very important thing that indicates the right growth of the fetus is the change in your weight. Thus, you need to take the right kind of diet and have a balanced lifestyle that will help in the development of fetus. The increase in the weight of the mother during the pregnancy period is around 13 to 15 kilos.

If the change in the weight is not in that region, then you shall be worried a little bit and have a change in the diet. You shall also get in touch with your gynecologist and she will help you in this aspect to help you have a smooth pregnancy.

Keeping a check on what you shall not eat – The important thingthat you shall keep an eye on for right growth of your fetus is maintaining a strict diet. What you eat during the pregnancy period is very important and there are so many food items that you need to avoid during the pregnancy period.

You shall not get to eat the junk food items during the pregnancy period. You shall also look to avoid undercooked food which can cause damage to the fetus. You shall also avoid refrigerated food and make sure that you shall eat fresh food only.

Avoiding smoking and drinking – If you want to have a healthy and happy baby, then the one thing that you must avoid is smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking can have fatal impact on the development of the fetus and may also result in abortion due to damage of fetus. This is why as a mother, you need to be strict on yourself and avoid these practices at-least during the pregnancy period.

Pre-natal massage and exercise routine – Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind if you are willing to have a strong and healthy fetus is maintaining a proper exercise routine. You shall follow a routine that helps in the development of embryo.

At the same time, you shall also go for the pre-natal massage from the experts which help a great deal in the development of the fetus. This massage can be very helpful in development of fetus and also provides you with great deal of comfort and relaxation during the pregnancy period.