Safety Precautions for Using Room Heater During Winters

Safety Precautions for Using Room Heater During Winters

Safety precautions for using room heater during winters

Winters are one of the most beautiful time of the year but it is very important to keep yourself warm and well covered during such times. Along with wearing thick and warm clothes, people must try other things as well to stay from cold especially to protect kids and newly borns. When the temperature goes down and the days become getting chillier, people in general use room heaters to keep them warm and cozy. However, regardless of the various advantages of utilizing heaters, there are likewise numerous dangers associated with them, such as fires or suffocation which leads to uneasiness. Therefore, when utilizing room heaters in winters it gets important to take proper safety and security measures so as to keep away from any risky incidents.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while using room heater is to plug the heaters directly into the main switch of the wall if possible. Majority of extension cords and additional lines are not designed to deal with the load of an electric heater.

However, if an extension cord is necessary, then you can utilize shortest possible cord that is heavy duty with a 14 gauge wire or more. Always check and adhere to any maker’s instructions relating to the utilization of expansion cords. Never place the electrical cord the blanket or rug. It will create extra heat which may cause fire. Buy a unit with a tip-over safety switch, which naturally shuts off the heater if the unit is tipped over.


Follow these precautions while using room heaters during winters –

Before utilizing a room heater, ensure that the heater has a thermostat control mechanism, and that it will turn off naturally should the heater tip over. Always plug the heater specifically into wall outlets and never into a power cord or electrical extension, and dependably unplug the room heater when it is not being used. Try not to leave heaters running in the event that you have to leave or sleep. Make sure to keep the children and pets away from the heater. Additionally, it is in your best interest that you purchase that are quality certified and have been evaluated on important safety measures.

In order to keep yourself and your family protected and warm with heaters during winters, follow given below tips.  

  • Make sure to avoid and use room heaters for primary source of heat. Moreover, when utilizing a room heater as supplementary equipment, ensure it is somewhere around 3 feet from any household combustibles, for example such as curtains, adornments, dress materials, papers and liquids that are flammable.


  • Before utilizing your electric heater inspect it altogether to check if the heater is spotless and in great condition. In the event that you discover any fault, understand that issue and get it fixed professionally.


  • Heaters ought to be set on a level and flat surface. Try not to put heaters on furniture since they may fall and end up getting harmed or parts inside them may break. Place the electric heater out of high-activity areas. Likewise keep it on a hard, non-combustible surface and not on floor carpets, wood/plastic furniture.


  • Use the room heaters to give supplemental warming and not for drying clothes or for any other purpose such as cooking food.


  • It is absolutely crucial to not over-burden the socket where the electric heater is plugged. Ensure that the unit is not plugged into the similar power socket that is used for plugging other electrical appliances.


  • Most importantly never leave the electric heater unattended. Make sure to avoid carbon mono-oxide harming by simply turning off the heater and unplug it before leaving the room or going to bed. The Carbon mono-oxide can prove to be exceptionally unsafe. Indications of carbon-monoxide exposure may lead to headache, dizziness, stomach ache, uneasiness, queasiness, vomiting, nausea as well as weakness.


  • Avoid utilizing electric room heaters where they may interact with water as it can prove quite dangerous and may result in some untoward incident. Using room heater in close proximity to water may circulate the current in the surrounding area which can lead to a risky situation that may result in something dangerous.