Safety advice and precautions for kids with epilepsy

Safety advice and precautions for kids with epilepsy

Kids are the biggest reason behind the smile of any parent but at the same time they are also the biggest responsibility for any parent. As a guardian, you have to make sure that you are taking care of your kid in the right manner and protecting him against any kind of problem. You shall be especially very peculiar about the health of your kid and pay special attention towards this very aspect. Especially when your kid is suffering from any problem like epilepsy, your duty as a parent doubles up in such cases.

You shall make sure that you are making regular visits to the doctor with your kid who is suffering from such a problem. You shall be very careful and attentive throughout the day making sure that your kid is safe and secure all the while. Here are some of the key tips that you shall get to follow which will help you in taking better care of your kid who is suffering from epilepsy –

Keeping a check while he is in the bathroom – You shall be very careful about your kid especially when he is in the bathroom. You need to make sure that the door is not closed rather it shall be having the knob displaying it as occupied. So, in case the kid is having any kind of problem, you can reach out for the help at the earliest. You shall always tilt the door in such a manner that it opens on the outward side. In this way, if the kid will have a fall against the door, it will be on the outside and one can easily get to notice the same.

You shall also make sure that you are not making use of the bathtubs as there can be a chance of your kid drowning inside due to pressure. Rather you shall prefer the running showers for your kids that will not have any such impact on him or her. Another thing that shall be put into consideration is that water shall not be too hot or too cool as it will have an impact on the kids.

Having a notice in the living room – Another thing that you shall be very careful about is having bigger carpet area rather than cut down area. So, in case the kid trips down, he does not has  fall against any sharp or strong object. You shall also make sure that he is not in possession of knife or any other sharp object that can create a danger for him. You shall also be very careful about his bedroom and make sure that you put a cushion beside the bed to help him even when he has a fall.

Making use of the baby monitor – As a parent, you are always afraid about your baby especially when he is suffering from any such problem. So having a baby monitor that will help you to have a track on the baby when he is in any other room is quite a smart idea for you. You shall go for the updated version with both video and sound feature preferably when you are willing to have one.

Keeping your kid away from crowd and noise – This is actually a tough ask for you but it is the most important aspect as well. You shall keep a check on the fact that your kid is not near the DJ or other noisy places as it can have an instant impact on his health. You shall also be very careful when taking him to any fair, mall or such places where the crowd is huge.