Precautions during Flying with baby…

Precautions during Flying with baby…

Flying with baby… Precautions

If you are planning to fly with a baby of less than 1 year of age, you need to gather your courage and prepare yourself. Though you cannot control what happens in-flight, but you can always plan ahead. You need to put a lot of thought in your baby’s temperament- like what makes him calm? How can you maintain the normal routine? Your first motive should be to keep the baby as comfy as possible. Here are some tips for flying with your baby in tow.

1. Save a spot

If you can buy, then get a seat on the plane for your child (the fare of children is low in planes). You can also get his car seat and strap it. It gets easier on you and safer for the baby as you will have a better place to stow the child rather than making him/ her sit on your lap for the whole flight. For kids weighing less than 20 pounds, you can get rear facing CRS and for kids above 20 pounds, get a front facing child safety seat.

2. Prevent boarding boredom

When flying with an infant, think before boarding. Surely, you may get situated rather than holding your baby in the long queue of passengers but you need to entertain your child while other people board. The right way is to make your partner move ahead with the bags which you walk in the terminal with your child.

3. Pack some playing stuff

Do not forget to pack the favorite toys of your baby. You can also keep the things he/ she is interested in while flying with your baby.

4. Fill the baby up

It is important to pack sufficient snacks for your child and plenty of drinks. Plane rides may dehydrate the baby. You can also bring in baby food or formula milk on board. You also bottle your breast milk for the baby and get it on board.

5. Ease the ear pressure

Plan for the landing as well as take-off from beforehand. This is the time when the baby will experience the maximum ear pressure and bringing some relief to it is very important.

6. Make a checklist

Never pack your baby’s carry on without a proper checklist. Though older children can carry their luggage, but you don’t enjoy that freedom with infants. So, if it is unpacked, how will you use it? Be sure you prepare a checklist from beforehand to avoid forgetting anything.

Here are some essential items you would need:

  • Wipes and diapers
  •  Two or three cover ups for short naps to keep your child warm.
  • A changing cloth for your baby for any unforeseen need
  • Shields and nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers
  •  Bottles and formula if you bottle feed your baby.
  • Pacifiers if needed.
  •  Board books and some comfort toys
  • A baby carrier or sling
  • Snacks which your baby loves       
  • Some Ziploc bags to keep soiled clothes and other stuff

7. Prepare the bottles

As per the TSA rules, you cannot travel on plane with three ounces of liquid, but the rule is different for juices and baby formula. Rather you should get the formula tested through a handheld scanner. You can ask the flight attendant to get you warm water.

8. See if you have all your gear

If you prefer a stroller, then it will wipe out dawdling. And the airline will check your stroller just at the gate. Go for a gate check tag and you can get the stroller to the jet way end. Airline attendants will keep it in the cargo hold and give it back after you have landed or during layovers.

Be smart and use the strollers and make sure you don’t get too bulky ones for plane usage.

9. Plan ahead for take-off

Babies wail during take-off and landing of the flight. Thus, you need to be ready to offer a pacifier or the breast or bottle during landing as well as take-off.

10. Carry some medications for your baby

In case your baby is suffering for any problem, then make sure you carry the medications. And if not, then also make sure you take along the random medications of your child, in case of emergency.