Natural ways to increase sperm count

Natural ways to increase sperm count

Natural ways to increase sperm count

Sperm count is the average aggregate number of sperm sighted in one semen sample. Sperm count can be assessed during your semen analysis and is an essential factor to showcase men fertility.

Depending on the present WHO guidelines, a health sperm count is 15 million every ml or 39 million every sample. A sperm count less than 10million every ml is a sign of male infertility. Factors which affect testosterone levels have significant effect on your sperm quality and number.

Here are some ways to increase your sperm count naturally:

1.       Sleep and proper exercising

Several studies have revealed that exercise in overweight and obese people and efficient weight loss can cause improved and enhanced sperm count. However, you still cannot link health BMI to healthy sperm count. A rigorous exercise regime could lead to high sperm volume and concentration in obese men.

2.       Keep your stress levels low

Any kind of stress can affect the body to go for defensive actions and transform energy. Under situations of agony or distress, it is the biological sense of the body to get less concerned with the production of sperm and gets more concentrated towards survival. 

Reducing stress needs you to address the cause. Healthy diet, mood stimulation and exercise also help in lessening the effect of stress. For men in depression or severe stress, they may get anti-depressant medications prescribed for themselves.

3.       Quit smoking

Around 20 different studies in 2016 revealed that smoking continuously leads to lower sperm count. However, if you quit smoking, then you can see a gradual increase in it.

4.       Give up alcohol and drugs.

Studies have also revealed link between drugs and sperm health. The wide use of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs has serious impact on decreased sperm production

5.       Do not use a lot of prescription medicines

Some prescription medication leads to decrease in healthy sperm production. And once you stop it, the sperm count comes back to normal. Some of the medicines which temporarily lead to fall in development and production of sperm are:

·       Methadone

·       Anti-inflammatories

·       Antibiotics

·       Antipsychotic


6.       Fenugreek supplements

Fenugreek is one of the natural remedies for decreased sperm health and helps in improving the sperm count. The compound Furosap in fenugreek seeds leads to improved overall semen quality and rise in sperm count.

7.       Consume sufficient calcium and Vitamin D

Researchers suggest that calcium and Vitamin D also affect the sperm health. Low Vitamin D dietary corresponds with less sperm count. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements can be taken with the consultation of your physician.

8.       Ashwagandha

The Indian ginseng is a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction. In 2016, around 46 men with decreased sperm count consumed ashwagandha for 90 days and witnessed a 167% increment in their sperm count.

9.       Consume more antioxidant rich diet

Antioxidants help in the removal and deactivation of the free radicals as well as other compounds which destruct cells. Some vitamins work as antioxidants. There is a link between antioxidant intake and increased sperm count. Some of the antioxidants which lead to healthy sperm count are:

·       Vitamin E

·       Vitamin C

·       I-carnitine

·       Glutathione

10.   Raise your health fat consumption

The healthy fats like omega 6 or omega 3 are important for the development of sperm membrane. Consuming these two omega compounds in good amount will lead to better sperm development and antioxidant advantages.

11.   Lower your unhealthy fat consumption

The increase in the consumption of Trans fatty acids leads to decrease in sperm count. Several studies have shown that unhealthy fat may lead to the ability of long chain polyunsaturated fat which get in the sperm member and hamper sperm development.

12.   Lower your exposure to toxins as well as contaminants

As the atmosphere is heavily polluted, environmental factors like chemical exposure and poor air quality have also been linked to fall in sperm health and sperm count. It is important to avoid or lower your exposure to environmental contaminants for a rise in sperm count.

Some quick facts to enhance sperm count

a.       Sleep and exercise have shown results towards improved sperm count.

b.       You always try the non-pharmacologic remedies first.

c.       Bring your smoking habits in control for high sperm production and quality.

d.       If your sperm count is really low, then get prescribed medication for it.