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Am I providing sufficient milk to my baby? Am I producing enough milk for my child? How does the other mommy pumps out so much? For novice moms, breastfeeding could be stressing and self-doubting. However, if you have a lot of concern about whether you are producing enough milk for your baby or not or do you need to increase milk production, then you can consult a lactation consultant who will evaluate whether your supply is low or normal. But for the others, here are some amazing ways to help you maintain and increase your milk supply –

  1. Keep yourself hydrated: The right amount of fluid intake varies from one person to another, but you should at least have 8 glasses of water daily.
  2. Consume a balanced diet: Breastfeeding mothers require extra 500 calories daily. Thus, you should consume nourishing food that gives you required health and energy. Go for protein rich diet like brewer’s yeast, flaxseed, oatmeal, fenugreek and yoghurt along with eggs and veggies. Enhance food supplies rich in fat.
  3. Vitamins are equally important: AAP suggests food rich in Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Iron and Calcium are highly important for breastfeeding mothers as it impacts the content of breastmilk.
  4. Nurse frequently and do as your baby asks: Nursing baby doesn’t require a schedule. So, go with your milk flow and so as your baby cues, especially if your child is newborn. Lactation consultant suggest to feed on demand which means you should feed as and when your baby gets hungry. If you are looking for a boost, then feeding on demand will surely help you out.
  5. Allow your baby feed fully from both the sides: Milk production is more like demand and supply scheme so the more frequently the baby feeds, the higher will be the production of milk. As your breast gets empty, it messages your brain to produce milk. So, when you baby empties the breast, then they will get fatty hind milk and foremilk too which is an amazing growth.
  6. Make and bake lactation biscuits and cookies: A lot of women seek help from lactation cookies. So, bake some lactation cookies and modify the ingredients as per your liking. You can also buy pre-made cookies.
  7. Drink lactation tea: If you are an avid tea drinker, then you can go for lactation tea. The tea and herbs increase milk supply as per varying results.
  8. Consume Galactogogues supplements: If you want increased milk production without eating cookies or tea. Galactogogues such brewer’s yeast, blessed thistle and fenugreek are food products that are helpful. You can eat them individually or in combo. Before consuming any supplements, you can consult with your doctor.
  9. Take help of breast pump: One of the most useful ways to empty full breast, if your baby feeds just from one side or if you want to enhance your milk supply for those mother who go out for work is breast pump. Every woman is unique in her own way and so is her situation. So, if you are a working mother, then you can use breast pumps and fill feeders so that you get sufficient milk supply till the time you come back home.

No matter what way you use for feeding your child, be proud that you are a mother and you are doing the best for your child. It is very important. With the tips mentioned above, you can you increase your milk supply and provide sufficient nourishment to your child without thinking that your supply fails to fill the belly of your kid sufficiently.

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