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How is baby growing and developing during third trimester?

From the time of conception to the time of delivery, your growing baby experiences numerous phases of development. Before the second trimester is over, the majority of your baby’s organs and body parts are formed and working. The last stage of your pregnancy is the third trimester. It is weeks 27 through the time of birth.

During this time, your infant develops and matures. The third trimester is the time of most prominent development for your infant, who is beginning to increase around one-half pound each week. The organs of the baby continue to mature with each passing week and keeps on developing until the time the baby arrives to existence.


Major Growth during Third Trimester

During the third trimester the baby is preparing for birth and is ready for life outside the womb of the mother. By the start of the third trimester all the real body organs are available however not yet functional for presence outside the uterus.

For instance the lungs are present and some rhythmic breathing development is happening, yet the pneumonic vascular structure and surfactant generation essential for breathing has not yet developed. In this way, during the third trimester the functional abilities of the organ system take shape and grow for life outside the uterus.

In the third trimester, the appearance of the foetus changes significantly, and takes the features of a newborn. The baby’s delicate, red, wrinkled skin gets smooth and gains haziness as the foetus puts on weight and builds up a layer of basic or subcutaneous fat.

Additionally, the lanugo or delicate hair that has secured the embryo’s body starts to tumble off. At long last, toe nails end up noticeable, finger nails develop and little breast buds become visible.

During the third trimester, the foetus is developing significantly. Toward the start of the third trimester the baby is around 12-14 inches long and weights a little more than 2 pounds. Before the finish of the third trimester the foetus weight between 7-10 pounds and is roughly 19-21 inches long. The baby’s arms and legs end up chubby and the mother may see a change in fetal action as the baby is continuously filling the uterus.

While fetal “flips” are no long conceivable, there will even now be a great deal of stretches, squirms and rolls. A decrease in fetal movement during this time is reason enough to contact the caregiver or gynaecologist. During this time the baby has created fat stores as well as his/her own stores of calcium, phosphorus, iron and glucose and darker fat.


Some other features of the third trimester –

  • By the finish of the third trimester, your infant has eyelashes and eyebrows. They may have a full head of hair or be bare. Nails have developed to the tips of the fingers and toes.
  • The white waxy substance and fine hair that secured and ensured your infant’s skin has started to tumble off. You may see a portion of the extra hair after your infant is conceived. The greater part of this generally is gone inside the initial couple weeks of taking birth.
  • Most babies move or get in the position of head to toe within the uterus toward the end of third trimester, while the head on the mother’s pubic bone.
  • The lungs are the last significant organ to get done with developing. At the point when completely develop; they deliver a synthetic that influences the hormones in your body.
  • Lastly, during the third trimester the baby gets ready for the journey through the birth canal. The dominant part of foetus expect a head down position and sink into the pelvic bone anticipating the beginning of labour and their arrival to the outside world.


Thus, the period of third is the most crucial stage of pregnancy and major development of baby takes place during this time. During, this period, the shape and form of the baby takes place and this period also accounts for major development of limbs and other organs of the body.




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