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Bodily Changes that a woman may experience in second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy regularly brings a reestablished feeling of prosperity. During the second trimester – weeks 15 to 27 of pregnancy – your emotions may feel steadier. For most women the second trimester is the most satiating and comfortable period of their pregnancy.

Notwithstanding, this stage can likewise carry with it its very own one of a kind physical changes. For a few women the physical changes of the first trimester can continue to taking place until 14, 16 or even 20 weeks of the pregnancy and beyond.

The following is a general overview of some of the typical physical changes that women experience during the middle phase of their pregnancies


You’ll likewise encounter a range of new physical changes.

Changes in your breasts and nipplesAs your uterus stretch to prepare for the child, your belly develops. Your breasts will likewise progressively keep on expanding in size. Your breasts shouldn’t be as delicate as in the first trimester yet they’ll keep on developing.

The development is caused by both fat stores and expanding milk glands. You may see a few knocks around your nipples; these are simply organs that make a slick substance to shield the nipples from drying out.


Stretch MarksAs your body develops, a few zones of skin may end up stretched tight. Elastic fibers ideal underneath the skin may tear. This makes dashes of indented skin called stretch marks. Stretch marks are probably going to happen on your tummy and breasts.

Only one out of every odd pregnant lady gets stretch marks, yet they are extremely normal. Lamentably, there is no real way to avoid them totally. Endeavor to deal with your weight and not acquire than what your specialist suggests. There are a few moisturizers and oils that case to counteract stretch marks.

The impacts of these items are not demonstrated. In any case, keeping your skin all around saturated can enable chop to down on irritation. Stretch marks should blur and turn out to be less recognizable after pregnancy.


Leg PainYou may have leg spasms, particularly when you rest. These might be identified with the weight your developing infant puts on the nerves and veins that go to your legs.

Another leg condition, Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can be serious at this time. DVT is a blood coagulation that structures in a vein, and causes agony and swelling in one leg. Contact your specialist immediately on the off chance that you have these indications.


Aches and PainsAs the uterus develops and the child’s developments increment in quality, a pregnant lady will encounter numerous peculiar sensations. These can go from ‘stretching and burning’ to exceptionally gentle cramping, to low, overwhelming throbbing and ‘hauling’ or line like pains with pulling and tugging.

Different aches and pains can cause extraordinary concern and stress, in light of the fact that the emotions are generally new and it very well may be difficult to know whether they are ordinary or not. By and large if the torment isn’t outrageous as well as there is no draining related with it, it is typically ordinary.


HeartburnIndigestion may start or exacerbate in the second trimester. Your developing uterus pushes on your stomach, which can drive sustenance and corrosive up into your throat, causing the burn.


Bleeding gumsWhen you are pregnant, the blood flow from a woman’s body increases by 50%. This astonishing procedure begins at around about a month and a half of the pregnancy and tops by around 32 weeks.

The expanded blood stream implies that a lady’s gums have a higher blood supply and will probably seep with lively brushing and flossing, making women more inclined to getting to be inflamed (called gingivitis).


Urinary tract Infection (UTIs)You may build up an infection in the second trimester. Hormonal changes moderate the stream of urine and your bladder doesn’t void totally in light of the fact that your enlarged uterus pushes on it.

Untreated UTIs can prompt preterm work, so tell your specialist on the off chance that you think you have one. Side effects incorporate expecting to urinate all the more regularly, a consuming sensation when you urinate, or the presence of blood or a solid smell in your urine.

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