Best sleeping habits in children

Best sleeping habits in children

Best sleeping habits in children

Organizing healthy day time and evening regime can make your baby enjoy a good night sleep. And, if your child sleeps well at night, then it will make you sleep better too. Here are some of the ideas which help you inculcate the best sleeping habits in your kid.

1.     Go for regular sleep hours and waking times

Make your kid go to bed and get up daily at the same time. Make sure the wake up duration on the school days and holidays and weekends are in a gap of just hours with each other. It will help your child’s body clock to function in the right rhythm. In the morning, make your child get out bed as soon as he/ she gets up rather than lazing around on the bed.

2.     Do not allow older kids to do daytime naps

If your kid is 5 years of age or older, do not allow daytime naps! Daytime naps more than 30 minutes make it difficult for kids above the age of 5 to sleep at night, to get into dense sleep and then wake up at the right time in the morning.

3.     Relax before going to bed

A scheduled bed time routine of brushing, storytelling, bathing and going to bed helps the younger kids relax and get ready for deep sleep. Older kids may like to relax, read a book as per their luxury and listen to some gentle music. Make sure you switch off all the electronics before going to bed. It will help your child relax and prepare their body and mind for sleep.

4.     Settle down at night

If your kid has had a busy morning time table, motivate them to get some wind down time during the night and complete morning tasks later such as preparing school dress for the next day, getting the bag ready and so on.

See if your baby’s sleep environment is good

5.     Ensure your child feels secure during the night

If your child is insecure about sleeping in the dark or sleeping in a lonely room, you can praise and reward him regarding his bravery. Avoid making your child see scary TV shows, movies as well as books and computer games too. Some kids with bed time fears feel better when they have a little night light near them.

6.     See the light and noise in the bedroom of your child

A quiet, dark and silent space is needed for a good night sleep. Hence, you should see if your child’s bedroom has the required silence and dimness or not. Make sure you turn off all the electronic simulations in and near your child’s bedroom at least an hour before they go to sleep. It comprises of mobile phones, computers, TV and music

Go for good health and right nutritious diet

7.     Make them eat right in the right quantity at the right time

Ensure your kid has a satisfying meal at night at the right time. Feeling too full or too hungry at night just before going to bed can make their sleep uncomfortable! It makes it difficult for your baby to fall asleep calmly.

8.     Get lots and lots of natural light during the day

Motivate your kid to get as much sunlight as possible in the day. It will help their body to produce melatonin at the desired hours during their sleep cycle. A good breakfast also makes your body clock work well all day.

9.     Do not consume caffeine before going to bed

Motivate your kid to avoid caffeine in any form- coffee, cold drinks, chocolates or tea. Do not consume them at night or in the evening.

10.  Practice some exercises

Physical movement and a good exercise regime will help your kid to sleep better and deeper. But if your child has issues in getting to sleep, then avoid play hours and late sports. Sometimes it increases the body temperature making it difficult for the kid to go to bed.


If your child fails to sleep because of worries and anxieties, you can sleep with them at night. You can about it to your kid and get their thought in this regard and speak to a professional psychiatrist.