Bed Wetting – When Should Parents Start Worrying?

Bed Wetting – When Should Parents Start Worrying?

The happiest moment in anyone’s life is when he or she is blessed with a baby. Having gone through it, I can definitely bet there is nothing which is more beautiful than this feeling. But when you are promoted to the post of parents, the responsibilities on your shoulders also tend to increase in an exponential manner. You have to make sure that you take care of the baby in the best manner. You shall be very careful about his health, his routine even more than your own.

Bed wetting by the baby is quite a common habit and thus is not a great worrying sign. With passing time, the wetting habits tend to wane. But in some cases, the kids are not able to get the better of their bed-wetting habits even with age. So, at this juncture one needs to worry as a parent because these signs are not normal.

If your child has crossed the age barrier of five years and even then he is regularly wetting the bed, you may need to get in touch with a kid’s specialist. You need to tell him about the problem and seek a solution for them. You need to arrest the problem before it becomes serious and has any impact on the baby’s health.

Here are some of the common tips and tactics that you need to apply to get the better of this problem -

Limiting the drinking habit of your kid - One of the things that you shall get to try as a parent when your kid is wetting the bed regularly is limiting the amount of water he is drinking. You shall have a check on the amount of water that he is getting to drink while going to bed and limiting the same. You shall reduce the amount of water so that your kid is not wetting the bed on a regular basis. Even after limiting the drinking habit, you may see your baby wetting the bed on occasional basis.

Take him to the bathroom before sleeping - Another way to make sure that your kid is not wetting the bed on a regular basis is by developing a habit of taking him to bathroom before he sleeps. You shall make sure that your kid urinates or at least tries for the same before going to bed. To be more protective, you can take him for one more time before you go to sleep and it will show up in the results.

Setting the bedwetting alarm - This has become quite a common habit amongst the parents these days as they try the bedwetting alarm quite often. This alarm will start buzzing as soon as it feels urine and thus will help in getting control of the problem before it becomes serious.  At the same time, if you find similar timings of alarm on a regular basis, you can know the pattern and wake up the baby at that time to stop bed wetting.

These alarms have become quite popular and have helped a great deal in arresting these bedwetting habits amongst the kids. But you shall make sure that the alarm is reset before kid goes back to the sleep or it will start buzzing again.

If even after all these measures, you are not able to get the better of the problem, you shall rather get in touch with a child specialist. He will look into the matter and find out the real reason. Bed wetting is quite a serious issue especially when the kid is 5 years old or more and as a parent, you shall be very careful about the same.